Are Friendships a Reflection Of Your Character?

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Friendships are one of the most treasured bonds we can sustain in our lives because in a subjective sense, the people we engage with on a higher social level than others are most likely a reflection of ourselves. There are all types of friends, and with society getting faster and taking things for granted, the possibility of the friendships we keep may be at jeopardy.

As the times changes, so do our ideals, and sometimes we might see our comrades in a different image simply because we have a different image of ourselves. Sometimes we have to let go of these bonds to be a benefit to our well-being and to learn. It’s important to have friends, but why is it necessary to have them?

Friendships Involve Being Thoughtful

Friendships are like relationships with partners and spouses, except they’re less intimate of course, and with all relationships, thoughtfulness and similarities are usually a few key concepts to consider. To have a successful relationship with anyone, you do have to be considerate of their feelings because if people see that you’re not putting enough effort as they are, they most likely will take you for granted.

If we’re in a depression and want to get over from a situation like breaking up with someone, we seek friends that we can rely on that can give us comfort. Friendships in a unique way are reflections or parts of our whole being. By giving up the mental capabilities of handling the situation on our own (so that we don’t have to deal with denying ourselves), friends are definitely reliable in seeing things in a different perspective.

It’s no wonder people usually stick to friends who actually give useful advice because they are the ones that are trusted the most. These people we look up to are those that we wish to be, others that we wish to have the attributes of in handling the situations that come to us on a daily basis.

Stay Connected With Few People Instead of Many

Going with this perception, we should be aware that the more we rely on people and the more we put in effort in sustaining this reliance, the less faith we have in ourselves. If you seek to satisfy too many people at once, you’ll be very displeased in the long run.

It’s better to cherish few bonds with others in order to give yourself room to develop yourself and make yourself a better person mentally, emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. You don’t want to be seen as someone who isn’t capable of handling themselves, you want to be someone that is practical in what they want to do, and who they want to interact with.

Learn to Adapt to New Friendships

I know this seems contradicting from what I said about establishing only a few connections with others, but you have to realize that if others are clearly going rogue or dislike you, you have to realize that you should move on rather than try to compromise.

The reason being is that if you compromise too much, there’s a chance they might use you, and you’ll end up trying to satisfy them. Imagine doing that for 50 or even 100 people! You wouldn’t be able to see who you really, which would constrain you from realizing other people you can make bonds with. People come and go, and you definitely should not go to the ends of the earth just to make them content.

If you find yourself working too hard for a mediocre bond with someone, you’re most likely setting yourself up for a bad bonding with that person. Learn to move on, and to understand that the image you had of that person may not be same later on in a few years.

Understanding yourself is more important so that you associate yourself with the right people, you do not deserve to be treated in a negative way. How you express yourself to others and make bonds with them is making an impression on those you prefer because you see them as reflections of yourself.

Do you believe your friends are a reflection of who you are?


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