Cherish Our Friendship

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Everyone in this world need friends. Because friends can company us to face the difficult situation, can help us go through the valley of our life, can share the happiness and sadness together, can give you a hand when you struggle…

There are always some friends coming and going in our life, like those passing when we walk. There are some friends who walk to the opposite direction, but we can also have some friends who towards to the same direction with us.Those friend who is on our opposite direction and perhaps we forget them as soon as possible. And the wind of years will blew them to the edge of our memory, and even beyond our memory.Perhaps one day we would occasionally come to think of some vague shadow, but only occasionally to think about it, they are behind us, has been away from us. Even if for some reason they came back again, they unable to catch up may be because we are go far away from them.

However, because of friendship, we can feel the warmth between people. Our heart is like a heavy glass because often feel anxiety and frustration. And only to those who give us friendship and extended hands,they are the true friends in our life and we should cherish them. Also, we should remember that and give a hand to them when they face difficult. Because friendship is mutual.It is because of friendship, we can even feel the human dignity and glory. Our heart is like a very thick very thick book, only those who knocked our hearts for the spirit of friendship, willing to open this thick book to read carefully and make commentary in good faith. Through his commentary, we understand what text should be deleted; through his commentary, we know how to use the pen of our own life to create enduring masterpiece.

Have a friendship, as castle has a pentium stream; have a friendship, as sailing with the wind; have a friendship, like the thirsty travelers have a clear spring; have a friendship, in this world, our souls will no longer feel lonely; have a friendship, someone will give a bunch of flowers for the bundle through the jealous when get success. With friendship, they can heal our wound and pain in our failure.

So, we all know friends are a valuable asset in life, so we should cherish it. And leave no pity in our life.


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