Choice, Friendship and a Stone

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Have you ever listened to that voice?
when worlds collide and your left with a choice.
past to present defined by now
now to turn to you ask yourself how?
It happens so fast more of a blur
times like these reveal true character
but go ahead take the gamble and roll the dice
yet be aware you may pay the price
the price of not knowing what lies ahead
the price of not knowing you may be dead
but take a second to listen to that voice
when it feels like your left with no other choice

cold, desolate utter solitude
where to turn to in such a mood?
broken heart glazed with frost
where to turn to when all is lost?
could this be my final call
Who will be there to catch my fall?
The answer lies with those who cared
the answer lies with those i scared
the ones that will be there at the very end
the ones I call, my true friend

I was shook, stiff, left alone
This was the beginning, the birth of a stone
Drank myself into near coma
God get me up changed, help me get this diploma
This diploma of life
God get me through this strife
Feels like the only alternative is the knife
I'm look stiff all alone
Is this the beginning or end of this stone?
Broken home, broken dreams
all alone, want to scream
has this stone met its fate?
God please tell me that it's not too late …
not to late to apologize
not to late to realize
not too late to hide these lies
I'm look stiff all alone
this is the end of that stone, the birth of a new
now this stone will promise you
to live and learn and i will make it through.


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