Coping With the End of Friendship

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Friends are like blossoms in a withering world. Sometimes one lives for the sake of friends because they are encouraging, motivating and always there to lend a hand.

However sometimes a friendship can turn sour because of many variables that oppose the two of you. There is friction and constant upheaval. It is a gradual feeling that overwhelms you that the friend you are with is not meant for you. He or she is just not the right thing. So you draw the conclusion that you have to end the friendship. This is a very difficult task but if your conscience is telling you the same, you know the truth.

When you end your friendship, do it on a mild note. No yelling or hair-raising words. You do not want to part on a bad note. Because it will keep coming back to you and make you regret what you have said. Take your friend a gift. Something certainly not expensive but at the same time not meagre. It should be apt for the occasion. It is always nice to say a bye with a simple gift.

Now that you have turned your back, walk on. Do not at any time look back at your friend. If you have made your decision stick to it. Do not take any calls or reply to emails or sms sent by your friend. It will only make the departure even bitter.

Coping with the end of friendship is certainly not easy. The aftermath is resentful and builds your anxiety. You go through pain, heartaches and frustration. Help yourself go through all these feelings as it is very natural. If you want to fall back and begin the friendship then it is entirely your decision which you will have to stand by and face.

However sometimes you have to face reality and route life through your thoughts not making every event an emotional affair.


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