Creating the Bond of Friendship

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The bond of friendship is one that is very strong. It is not easily broken and, it is also not easily created. Making friends can be pretty easy but, maintaining the friendship will need a strong bond of friendship. It is very essential to look at some of the things that go into making the bond strong. It all begins when you meet people and think that they can become friends. In other words, the bond will start to grow when you really establish a connection for friendship. After you have met nice people, look for ways in which you can keep in contact with them. A friend is no good if you can not reach them. When you are on the same page, it is vital that you take time for the friendship to grow. This means that you do not have to start planning for friendship holidays right away. Just like any other relationship, you really need a fair amount of time to really get to know people. Many times, we discover that the people we thought were good for us are not friends at all. For example, you may realize that your friend is an abuser or a criminal. This is the importance of giving yourself time before you make friends.

After you have taken time, call your new friends and invite them to have lunch or to hang out. To create a bond of friendship, you have to ensure that the concern goes both ways. In other words, you should not be the only one who is taking the initiative of inviting them. They should also invite you to participate in events that they have. This is where the true bond of friendship starts to flourish. It is pretty interesting how time flies and you realize that you have made a really good friend. As you get to spend time together, they will start sharing with you about their experiences in life and, you will find yourself doing the same. There is nothing more interesting than listening to experiences that have shaped lives. Slowly, you start to share details that no ordinary friends would. As you reach this point, you will become pretty close and even inseparable. You will want your family to play with their family as you enjoy the slices of life.

Before you realize it, years have passed and the bond of friendship will still be strong. There is nothing perfect about the bond because you will reach this stage after forgiving each other numerous times and even swearing at each other. We are not perfect but, we can take our friendships to another level and acquire a special bond through commitment and love. When you love your friend, you have to do it genuinely and, you will definitely reap the fruits of your labor in friendship. If you have friends who you met many years ago, you will definitely know what I'm talking about. Creating this bond is essential because friends are pillars we can lean on. When we are weak, they will care for us and we can trust them to do well by us. This is how friendships are important; look for that bond today.


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