Cute Quotes to Maintain Your Friendship

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Friendship is like a beautiful flower that has to be nurtured and taken care for a long time. It is very well known that if you do not do the necessary steps to maintain the friendship, you will lose your relationship.

The number one reason why friendship does not last for long is because people in the relationships do not give enough attention to each other, so they sometimes take the other person as obvious part of their life. When this happens, one might feel that he or she is not important anymore so they do not want to keep this connection. There are lots of ways to give a nice attention to your friends from time to time. Some ways are expensive such as buying gifts and going together to vacation. Other ways such as hanging out and going to movies are less expensive and will do the trick. But the cheaper and the most effective way is by writing cute friendship quotes.

Writing cute quotes for someone is very personal, therefore more effective in letting him or her know how much they are important for you. Here is a great example of friendship quote by Cindy Lew: "Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends." As discussed in the last paragraph, we can see a live example on how true friendship is more important than money. In fact friendship is the best gift you can ever get from your true friends.

Of course, you can take this exact quote and send it to your friend by email or SMS. However to make it more personalize you can even try to put some elements that described your specific friendship better. By customizing these cute quotes you show that you really thought about your friend while writing and this is the best attention you can give to maintain your friendship.


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