Evalurable Friendships

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What relationship is so under valued and always taken advantage of and is wholly taken for granted? Our friendships! Since the beginning of time, friendships have been the first and / or second relationship we are exposed to. We have friends when we are toddlers, all through our formative and school years and beyond. Some friends come and go, but those that stay are the ones we really need to keep up with and work on. Our families may move or there is an untimely passing or some other unpleant fact of life and we leave, never really staying connected to our dear friends.

Even in the good book the Bible, our Heavenly Father made it a point to stay connected to those He looked up as a trusted friend. We should all be so lucky to have such a good friend. When you are blessed enough to have such a good friend, treat it like a valuable treasure, always in your heart and never far from your thoughts.

Some of the best ways to keep in touch are to email each other weekly, call on the phone weekly, send cards, flowers or arrange luch / dinner dates with your friends if you all live within an hour of each other. Better yet, plan a weekend sleepover if able to so you and your friend can stay up all night, have dinner and breakfast together and truly spend the quality time together you both need. Nothing beats having a good stretch of quality time with your friend. Sometimes that is all you need to make you both feel so much better!

I keep my closest friends in my heart and thoughts daily. How about you? Please take a moment and thank you lucky stars you have an invaluable friend!


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