Friendship – A Gift of God

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As the famous saying goes that "no man is an island", as human animals we need social interactions from other people, more importantly we need friendship. In fact, friendship is what we believe as gift from God and one that should be cherished in our lives. Without the warmth of having friends, our lives can be empty and feels like we are living in a black hole sucking us into oblivion of coldness. Yes, the world is indeed a better place if you have friends by your side.

Ever since we were in kindergarten or even younger, our parents and teachers congratulates us to make friends with others and develop a certain bond with another person. When they say that parents know best because they had been in the same situation as you are once in their lives, they mean it. So their insistence of us having friends even at an early age is because they only want the best for us. And it is true when they say that having good friends and strong bond of friendship with another person is probably one of the best things that would happen to us in our lives.

Friends are not just there for you to talk to and play with or interact it but they are also there when you need someone to lean on. When you feel that the world around you does not understand and accept you for who you are, you have your friends to count on and back you up. At one point in our lives, most especially true for teenagers, we even value our friends than our parents who do not seem to understand us. Friendship feeds our soul to be strong when the going gets tough. It is also proven to make our lives longer.

Studies have shown that the happier the person is, the longer their chances if living as they become healthier. Majority of people when asked, what's important in their lives, you would often hear friendship as one of their answers. Simply put, our friends make us happy and help us in the most trying times in our lives. For that reason alone, they can be already considered as gifts from God. But then again that is not the only reason why we should maintain good friendship with others.

The list could go on and on when it comes to friendship but as the list goes on, one always top the list of things to be thankful for when we have friends and that is because they are sent from above and one that should be cherished for a lifetime.


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