Friendship and Dating

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Some people think it's the worst idea for dating a close friend while others swear it is the only way to go. Whatever your expectations, going from friendship to dating is a unique dating experience from the kind most people normally experience. Instead of meeting someone new and getting to know them gradually, you will be changing an existing relationship with someone you already know well.

The amount of awkwardness you feel when the relationship turns to a romantic one depends large on the amount of time that you have been friends with the other person. The longer the friendship, the harder it is to make the transition. If the friendship is a reasonably new one, then there should not be so much awkwardness since you've probably not had that much time to get to know the person. Whereas an old friendship where you know everything about each other from the date you were born – this can make it difficult to see the person in a different way.

It also makes it easier if the desire to go from friendship to dating is the same on both sides. If you find that you have suddenly started to have feelings for your friend and start to pursue them aggressively, chances are that you will end up without a friend or a boyfriend. If the feelings are not the same, the other person may be so startled by your complete turnaround that he is unable to deal with it.

Most of the time, when a relationship goes from friendship to dating, the change is a gradual one rather than a sudden decision. The tone of your conversation may start to change to more intimate subjects. You may start to share some looks between you that were not there before. By the time one of you says or does something to make their thoughts known, you are certain that the other person is thinking the same thing you are.

There are pros and cons to dating a friend and many of them are the same! For some people, getting to know someone new is the best part of relationship. For others, it is much more enjoyable to start a relationship with someone you already know and do not have to worry about what they are hiding.

There's never a guarantee that your relationship will turn out the way you hope when you do decide to start dating. Many people are afraid that the only thing dating a friend will accomplish is to lose a friend. Some people have managed to go back to being friends when dating did not work for them but there is always the risk that it could end badly and you will not be able to remain friends after the dating relationship has ended.

There are also some people who do things in the opposite way. They may start out dating and decide that they would prefer to be friends. Obviously, this is simpler since there is nothing to be lost in the relationship . It is not likely that the dating was working out or they would not make the decision to be just friends instead. It usually indicates that there are enough common interests and respect between the two that they do not want to break away completely. However, there is not enough chemistry or commonality in goals to make dating a good idea.


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