Friendship and the Law of Attraction

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I was having lunch with a dear friend yesterday and we were talking about the Law of Attraction. She did not know a lot about it so I was explaining and giving examples. As I talked she asked, "What does the Law of Attraction have to do with us being friends?" Obviously we are attracted to each other's personalities but why did we meet in the first place? That is where the Law of Attraction comes in relations. Very often our need for friendship is unconscious or we are not fully aware of it. The Universe knows though and our energy is sent out around friendship. The right people show up in our lives according to the vibrations we send out.

"Wait a minute," you might ask. "Does that mean that we attract the negative people in our lives too?" Yes, it does. We all have a need for affiliation – to be accepted as part of some sort of group (even if it is a group of two). That is a strong need for most of us. If we are feeling we will not find any friends or that we do not have the right kid of friends, we send out energy around that and that negative energy so it attracts similar negative energy. The result can be people who drain our energy and who are not good for us.

You might be thinking that that is kind of scary. It can be but the lesson here is to always be aware of the mood we are in and to realize when we are being negative. That is one reason why followers of the Law of Attraction say that a positive attitude is essential to attracting what you want. It means that we always have to be working to have positive thoughts and to use positive language when we are talking about things, especially the things we want in our lives.

When we think about friendships and people that includes talking about people in negative terms. When we do that we attract more people who are willing to talk about others behind their backs. And you know what happens there. If you are hanging out with people like that they are probably talking about you behind your back too. It is just the kind of people they are and you have attracted them into your life by your own behavior and energy.

The message is very clear to me and hopefully it is to you also. To attract the kind of friend you want in your life you have to be that kind of person and friend to others – like attractions like. So if you have friend issues look at your own behavior to see how you have attracted them. Change your behavior and they might change their heads too or they might go their own way and make room in your life for the kind of friends you really want.


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