Friendship is a Two Way Street

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The word friend or friendship can mean different things to different people.

We can have friends from childhood, grammar school, college, or from moving around the country. We can meet people when we go to a party or people in our workplace, or neighborhood. Most of these people are friendly acquaints. However, each of us has a different definition for the word "friend".

For me a friend is someone that I can tell a secret and know they will keep it, or someone that will listen when each of us has a problem and not be judgmental. A friend is someone that no matter how many years it has been since we saw or hear from one another, when we do, we can pick up from when we last spoke to each other.

However, friendship is a give and take relationship. I can not expect my friend to just listen to me. I must also be there for them as well. We all have different times in our lives when we really need a friend. The other person will also have certain times in their life when they need a friend to listen or help them. A friend to me is to always know that my friend will come to my rescue whenever I need them. My friend or friends should also know that I will also be there for them too.

If a friend has lost a boyfriend, a mate, a child or a parent, are you there for them to give them your support? Sometimes in life a person needs a special friend to turn to and just vent to someone who will listen.

A friend is not just someone to listen to and care for, they are also someone to enjoy and have fun with. For men it could be going fishing, hunting, or watching some athletic event. Women enjoy being together to go shopping, see a movie or play or just have a nice afternoon lunch.

It has been said that if a person has just one true friend, they are very blessed. Whatever it may be, hold on to your friends because they are truly life's treasure.


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