Friendship Or a Relationship? Signs to Look For to Tell You What He Wants

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Are you wondering if he wants a friendship or a relationship? Do you know what to look for to tell you what he wants? Are you ready to find out so that you can move forward, one way or another? Often times men can be very confusing. If you have a man who is a friend or an acquaintance you may find yourself asking whether or not he wants more, now is the time to evaluate how he acts around you. By looking at these things you will be able to tell if he wants a friendship or a relationship.

1. Evaluate your sex life.
If the man in your life positions because you give him sex, there are some easy ways you can tell. You will need to honestly answer these questions to find out the answer. Make sure that you are honest.
• Do you use sex to keep him hooked?
• Does he only come over or call when he thinks sex will be involved?
• Do you find that you have sex every time you get together?

If you answered yes to these questions then he is using you. Reality says that he probably is not interested in friendship or a relationship. On the other hand if sex is only a small fraction of the time that you spend together then it is possible that he really does want a relationship. If you have not had sex together and he still sees a lot of time with you then you are well on your way to developing a relationship.

2. Contact.
The next thing that you need to evaluate after your sex life is the amount of contact that you have. This should include phone calls, text messages, emails, and other ways that it might get a hold of you. You want to look at how often he does this for you. If you find that he contacts you often then it is likely that he is indeed hoping for more than friendship.

3. Time spent together.
Your final sign would have to do with how much time you spend together. You should also ask a few questions in relationship to this as well. Remember to answer all questions honestly.
• Does he ask to spend time with you?
• Does he ever go places you will be to bump into you?
• Do you spend a lot of time together?

By answering all of these questions correctly you will be able to figure out if he wants a friendship or a relationship. You will want to start with sex, but then move on to your contact and the time you spend together. These things will help you know exactly what it is he is after when it comes to you.


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