Friendship Poems and Haiku – A New Approach!

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What better way to express your love for a friend than through poetry. Friendship poems show you really care about someone. But have you ever thought of using haiku to show your appreciation for your friend?

Haiku, an age-old poetic form from Japan, uses very little material to create a picture in the mind's eye of the reader. In just a few short words, haiku let you enter a scene and allow you to savor the moment. For example, consider this friendship poem:

december afternoon –

she pours just

the right amount of cream

The poem takes place in winter. It's cold and a good friend knows exactly how much cream you take in your coffee. Only a very good friend would know this. And it can be expressed very rarely and succinctly using haiku poetry. In just a few lines, we have a beautiful sentiment that is honest, heartfelt, and expressive.

The beautiful thing about haiku is its "nothing special" attitude. Small events are not really small at all but universes and worlds without themselves. Friendship poems like this one resonate because because they capture a present moment event without using the usual western poetic devices like metaphor, simile or analog. It is what it is and this kind of straight sentiment is very refreshing!

Friendship poems are used to show someone you really like or love how you feel. What better way to show this than through haiku! Here we have a memory that actually happened and can be cherished by both friends … literally forever!


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