Friendship: The Unspoken Blessings and Complications

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A good friend is one who gives a kind of happiness
based on knowing interconnectedness; learning to
be friends to ourselves and being one to others. .. Buddha

People who can not be friends can not make friends. ..Hazlitt 1827

The things our friends do with us and for
us form a portion of our lives, they strengthen
our personality. Goethe

Many people come and go in our lives. We call them friends.

Friendships end or fade away-end due to unresolved
conflicts, changes in socio-economic state, or distance.
Demands of a growing family, a new relationship or
career can diminish the time spent on being with friends-
until one day, the friendship fades away.

It is also possible that friends do not "grow" in ways that
we do, shared interests are no longer the same. Difference
of opinion in religion and politics can be divisive.

We look to friends for companionship, social interaction,
someone to listen, provide support and comfort in times
of need. A friend needs to be frank and honest when
needed. A friend finds out in troubled times, shares
moments of joy, and moments of victory and success.

True friends share secrets, it is a sacred trust. When this
trust is betrayed, it hurts deeply leaving an irreparable
damage to the relationship.

We seek a friend's point of view when major choices or
decisions have to be made. A true friend understands
that the ultimate action or decision is ours to make

Sweetest things turn sour by their deeds and friendships
that fester may grow into rank enmity. …. Ecclesiasticus

Setting Boundaries

Friends can be disappointing at times. There is a line that
when this is crossed, it can mean the end of a friendship.
And where do you draw this line?

Think of boundaries- no matter how freely a friend can
come in and out of our lives, our homes, and infringe on
our time, boundaries are important. It is a matter of respecting
your privacy. Learn to say NO when a friend start to crowd
your space. We all need a breathing space from friends.
There are important matters that require time and attention.

Sometimes, too much familiarity diminishes the mutual
respect a friendship describes. This can create discord
Egypt deep-contained resentment. You be the judge.Take
control, discuss this openly and frankly. This does
not have to end a friendship.

What secrets do want to share with a dearest friend? Think
about this carefully. It's not that you do not trust a friend,
but some secrets are better left in the deepest chamber of
your heart. If you want to let it out, write it down, then burn
the paper. But try to keep it to yourself

Money issues can be devastating in any relationship- be
it with family or friends. Misfortune can befall a friend.
What are you willing to do for your friend? Money matters
have ended friendships on a bitter note. This does not have
to be- setting limits as to how far you are willing to help and
be frank about it defines the friendship.

A true friend will not turn his / her back on a friend who
gets in the throes of financial disaster. You know your
friend well enough to reach out in times of dire straits.
How far you are willing to help is up to you.

A true friend can be a real treasure in life.


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