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There is a Friend

That sticks closer than a brother

There is a Friend

That even knows you

Better than your mother

There is a Friend

That continuously wants

To be near you

Although He does not smother

He is a perfect gentleman

He does not come

Without invitation

He is not impressed

By thrills and accomplishments

Yet He rejoices

In your God-given ability

His agenda is love

Which He wants you

To see and experience happily

As He turns misery into victory

His anchor is thrown

Extending through eternity

Even throughout

The beginning of the ages

His wisdom surely outweighs

All of the sages

His power can not be defined

Merely by books and pages

His love is more expensive

Than the highest wages

His blessing of friendship

Is extended to all

Whosoever will

Can freely call

He has drawn near to humanity

By sending Jesus His Son

But unto Him

Humanity must now come

Because no other friendship

Is more fun

Satisfying and illuminating

Like the sun

With Him your face will shine

All of the time

Even when there is

No reason or rhyme

It is a spirit thing my friend

I've experienced it

In my own life

From beginning to end

My Divine Friend

He never disappoints

He happily reappoints

Shakes and awakes




Just in the nick of time

So draw near to God

See what you will find

No other friendship

Brings such pleasure

He gives His Spirit

Without measure

Get drunk in the Holy Ghost

There is no high

Like the most high

Hook up with God on the double

I say your soul

Needs not to be in trouble

Run and jump

Into your heavenly Father's arms

His loving friendship

Silences every alarm

Comforts and heals

Lifts and liberates

This Friend

Will love you until the end

Wholeheartedly and unconditionally

Lift up your eyes

Befriend Him and see!


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