Good morning my best friend, love our friendship, a big hug! [Quotes and Poems]

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Good morning my best friend, love our friendship, a big hug! [Quotes and Poems]
In my channel, you will love the videos of my quotes and poetry in two languages ​​that I did in HD with much love and affection for you. And everything i write and spoken is from my own authorship! I’m not a writer or I consider myself one, but I have a certain talent and passion for art! I put feelings and emotions into everything I do! My poetry is like music lyrics, they’re full of emotion!

I also draw the covers, those from the beginning of the video, but I’m not a designer, some images stay wonderful like the hearts, the stars and cards! I always put them as profile pic! Not to mention that I make the voices of the talking kittens without any editing, the sound of the voices is very cute, sometimes it has a minimum nose, but nothing that bothers. And if I speak fast, it’s because of the recording time, only can record short parts, sorry!

And for those who do not know, I created some humor and comedy stuff, I always wanted to bring something new to share with those who like to smile. The videos are a fun, and will make you happy, if you want to laugh a little, the videos are bellow, lol!
And still have more, you need to search!

Journal funny news

Little funny stories

Man pick up lines and woman get out:

Of course I make beautiful verses and citations like the angel, and i miss you and even happiness one! And my quotes looks like small clips, they are short, and have sayings of all kinds! Including reflexion to you reflect about moments and life, and also motivation or motivational to raise your high esteem and you to be more confident in yourself! For all of us are winners and champions, just don’t give up and have determination, willpower and believe in your dreams. To be a winner is not impossible, just focus at your goals and ambitions, always looking forward!
I’m sure my quotes can give you hope, help and inspiration when you’re sad, alone or feeling down.

I also have message of good morning, afternoon and night. For you to send to a friend or friends, for friendship, family and even to those that you love, they are pretty and beautiful! In addition to many others that will make you fall in love, they are too romantic, cute and affectionate! And some messages are full of comic and fun!

I still have Special playlists, which are super collections of specific quotes, like i love you quote, about status, and even animals. And there still more special ones with lots of videos like: Women quotes, about God, and even roses and flowers!
Just search for it, and you will find it!

And as I said and I will always say: All I put is spoken or written is done by me, i use wallpapers without nothing written to write, I do not copy phrases from others, I do not do plagiarism like some channels! I have the character and honesty to say that I care for originality! And i do not like of lies, and there’s nothing more important than the truth. Sadly few people do not give value to a original and well made content, at least, there’s few that know how to appreciate my work, for thoses i give my big thanks!

I still edit twice because they are in 2 languages ​​(Portuguese and English), and at moment, I upload now in 4K quality, because for me it has to have an excellent resolution like movies! Most of my videos are in HD in 1080P!

And of course, my content has minor misspellings in some rare parts, after all, no one is perfect and everyone make mistakes! And by the time I did most of the quotations, I had the laptop almost crashing that i win as a gift, and it was full of flaws and problems. I’m with another, that i bought in a discount promotion, it was a offer with a small price and this one has already broken a button and dropped a piece of plastic near the screen, the brand was not the best one… It’s not being easy, but it was more hard. And even had some months that I wrote on sheets of paper, because I had no notebook to put the texts. I’m being honest and true! (And I learned English alone, so things are not so perfect, but i’m sure you’ll understand!)

I did a world country flag video to show my thanks to people that watch me, I’m sure your country is there:
And a big thanks for the support and love, you rock guys!

Pericles A.

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