How the Ireland Claddagh Ring Got Its Name of Love Loyalty and Friendship

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Ireland's Claddagh is a little fishing village in Galway. The ways of the Galway people is a laid back lifestyle, where lots of celtic natives hold through to the old ways, and still speak the Gaelic language regularly.

When you visit the Claddagh Village in Ireland, be sure to brush up on some of the Gaelic (Irish) language before you go. That way, you wont feel left out of the conversation. Galway people are very friendly and will always help you, whenever the need arrives.

The following tips are a few phonetically pronounced Irish phrases that I have put together and will help you have a chat with the locals over a pint of Guinness, hopefully they wont look at you too oddly.

Maudin Go Bra Ort = Good Morning To You
Conas Ataw Too = How Are You?
Law Go Farringa = It's a Wet Day
Caw Will On Letrus = Where is the Bathroom?
Cay Vade = How Much?
Cod Ay On Taum = What is the Time?
Deeya Gwit = God Bless You
Kane Faw = Why?
Eeha Wah Mo Graw = Good Night My Love

The Ireland Claddagh is also well known for its Claddagh Rings, made famous by an Irish jeweler named Joyce, who trained under a Master Jeweler while in captivity in Europe. He designed this special love and friendship ring while waiting to return to his sweetheart who waited for him in Ireland.

The Claddagh Ring signifies Love, Loyalty and Friendship. The heart is for Love, the crown for Loyalty and the hands for Friendship.

Ladies and Gentlemen, when wearing your Claddagh Ring be sure to face the Heart inwards to signify you are married or spoken for. Irish people are very observant and will notice how you wear it and act accordingly.

On the other hand, ladies, if you are fancy free in Ireland, face the Heart outwards and watch those Irish gentleman congregate around you. Sure faith and begorrah, it's a sight to behold.

Same holds true for the gentlemen! If you are looking for a cute Irish lassie with milky white skin, red hair and freckles, face the Heart outwards and your lonely nights in Ireland will be over, guaranteed.


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