How to Form Strong, Lasting Friendships

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As the saying goes, 'no man is an island'. If you're in a place where a new friendship would be welcomed, you might want to know how to form bonds which are both enjoyable and lasting when you meet new people. Read these effective tips on how to make good friends that last.

1. Make friends with yourself first

Know yourself well before you allow someone else to know you well too! Ask yourself suggesting questions such as your values, beliefs, life-goals, what you look for in friendships and what you believe you can offer as a friend. Are you looking for someone who shares your optimism for life? Do you need someone who can challenge you to think differently? Evaluate these important qualities about yourself and you'll be more aware of the type of friend you should be looking for.

2. Spend more time around people who enjoy the same things you do

Are you interested in sports? A church-goer? An avid book reader? Spend more time around people who like the same things too. This may mean you join a sports team, attend more church events or form a book club, etc. Whatever it is, making the effort will pay off. Many friendships are made and easier to sustain when two people share something in common.

3. Be an initiator

It's not just enough to be around the right type of people. You could be in the same painting class as your potential soul mate, but if you never take the opportunity to get to know people, you would never find this out. Be someone who initiates conversations with people to find out more about them. After you do, take steps to initiate meetings such as going for a coffee or to see a theater show. Do not expect friendships to fall into your lap – be active in helping people to get to know you and in helping yourself to get to know others too.

4. Be patient

Rome was not built in a day and the same applies to any good solid friendship. Do not be in a rush to become a BFF (best friend forever!) Of the person you met the other week. Instead, allow the relationships you are forming good time to develop at a natural pace. Balance this with giving new friendships the time and attention they need to develop – after your first meeting with a new friend, follow up with a phone call or email and suggestions for another opportunity to meet – by not maintaining a fair amount of contact, you could let new friends fizzle out.

5. Know how to be a good friend

Be reliable when you arrange to meet someone, considerate of other people's feelings, trustworthy, a good listener and someone who is able to accept a person's good and bad points. In short, be the caliber of friend you'd like to find yourself and you should have no problems with maintaining thinking friendships!

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