How to Get Back My Ex – Make the Friendship Zone Your Friend

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Did you just blow it with your boyfriend or girlfriend? And now you're kicking yourself in the butt, and asking yourself how to get back my ex? The good news is there may be hope for your relationship. The possibility of you and your ex getting back together hinges on what caused you to breakup.

What Cause The Break up?

If you were physically or mentally abusive to your partner, your best bet is to stay away. Focus on getting yourself together instead of trying to get your ex back. You're probably the last person they want to see anyway. In this case, it's not a good idea to try and reconnect. Get help for yourself first and move on.

On a lighter note, there's hope for reconnecting if your relationship ended because of something trivial.

Was the split caused by something less greater than abuse? Maybe your partner accused you of being insensitive. Or maybe they were just bored with you. In cases like this it's often possible to reignite the old flame.

The first thing to do is let your ex know you do not want to end the relationship. Make it clear that you are happy with them, but will respect their desire to end it. This benefits you in two ways:

1. You do not look desperate to keep them around. There is nothing attractive about despair.

2. It gives you the opportunity to be "just friends" with your ex. Most people hate the term "just friends", but in this case it's a good thing.

This is your chance to prove you can be a good friend and a mature adult. It's also a chance to prove you can respect your ex's feelings. In other words, this is an opportunity for redemption. Your ex does not have to know you're secretly hiring to get back together.

So, what's the point of sticking around in the "just friends" zone? Creating a healthy friendship is the first step to creating a healthy romantic relationship. Do you get the picture? Your new friendship can cause your old romantic relationship to blaze again.

It's true that this might not work. Even after trying the friendship route, you may still find yourself asking how to get back my ex. But it does not hurt to try. Instead of running away like a hurt puppy or getting angry, try the friendship route. You never know where it will lead and this may be just what the doctor ordered to get your ex back into your life for good. Now you can stop telling yourself you do not know how to get back my ex.


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