Love and Friendship – Signs He Is More Than Just a Friend

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When do the lines between love and friendship become wavy? Is there a period when love and friendship begin to merge? What are some of the signs that your friend may want something more? What to do when graduating between love and friendship?

There are many examples of a relationship beginning as nothing more than a friendship, only to wind up as something much more. This is actually perfectly natural as most marriages should be based on friendship as they are more likely to be successful in the long run. However, when the lines between love and friendship begin to blur, it can be confusing. Keep reading for tips on how to tell when love and friendship start to co-mingle.


Often our friends are the first ones to see a sign of romance. One sign that a friend may need to be something more is if your friends start to make comments about how cute the two of you would be as a couple. It is very possible that they may have picked up on little looks or smiles that the two of you are subconsciously giving each other.

Random Phone Calls

If the guy you have been friends with for a while all of a sudden begins making late night phone calls, he may be ready for a more romantic relationship with you. In addition, pay attention to what you talk about on these calls. If they think a while and you discuss your day, then it is a clear sign that the nature of the relationship may soon change.

Pet Names

Friendship can often become love when the two of you begin to develop pet names for each other. This can take place when you go from calling each other by name and replace them with such things as Sweetie or Babe. In addition, if these names do not make things awkward between the two of you, it may be time to take the friendship to the next level. If you also find your heart melting whenever he uses one of these pet names, you are more than ready for a romantic relationship with your friend.

Touching Increases

It is common to give your friend a pat on the back or on the arm, but when those pats start to linger a little bit more, it could be a sign that there is something more than just friendship between the two of you. In addition, if the high fives have now moved on to gentle hand holding, that is another sign that the romantic feelings are beginning to build. Also look for hugging and a gentle kiss on the forehead or cheek as signs that your friendship is about to take a different turn.

Spending Time Together

You may also be ready for more than just friendship when the two of you starting pairing off when in a group environment. While it is natural to lean toward one person, if you find yourself doing it time and time again, you may subconsciously attract to him and it may be time to act on those feelings.


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