Some Keys to Successful Relationship

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TOGETHERNESS: The couples that play together stay together. Spending some time together with your partner is very important in other to take your relationship to the next level. Friendship creates bonding. Find out what your partner love doing and make sure he or she enjoys doing it with you. If you can not have fun spending your time together, it would affect your relationship.

COMMUNICATION: communication is the life line of every relationship. Without effective communication any relationship is going to end. Effective communication understands listening to respect and understand the other person better, open expression, thinking about what you are saying and why you are trying to say it and appropriate reactions. It also requires little kindness, not having to be right always, the courage to confront potential conflicts.

FIGHT FARE: all couples have spaces of bad wherever, but smart partners do not allow molehills to become mountain. No matter how angry you get denied from attacking your partner.

LEARN TO MAKE UP: quarrels are inevitable. what matter is that both of you know how to stop once the frustrations have been vented. Apologize to one another.

HONESTY: Successful relationships are built on honesty. Without honesty there is no trust and without trust there is no commitment. Without commitment the relationship is merely an "experiment" doomed to fail. When honesty is taking as a value during the foundation of the relationship, it is bound to succeed.

TOLERANCE: we were brought up in different homes by different people so we would have differences and when we focus too much on them, we can easily get irritated. It is important to keep the right perspective. Trying to change all the ways of another person different from you is futile and frustrating. Why do not you try to change at least one thing you do not like about yourself and find out how difficult it would be? Successful relationship requires partners to focus on each other's strength and not weaknesses. Tolerance is one powerful secret to a successful union.


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