Successful Friendships

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Children are always so straightforward in their relationships. When a child wants to make a new friend, they simply walk up to another child, smile, and ask something like, “Hey…y’want to play?”

It was so very simple when we were children. We were always willing to adapt our play to include more kids. “The more the merrier” was always the accepted attitude. We were always so much more accepting of everyone and anyone around us that wanted to play.

I have watched my own six children go through the same processes as they have grown up. I really must admit I found it a bit sad in their growing up process that they have lost that simple innocence that always allowed them to develop honest relationships with others.

Which brings us to the present.

Why do we as “adults” have such a difficult time making friends and developing relationships? Why has modern society created a ban on male/female friendships as life goes on?

Are we so obsessed with our own sexuality, or lack thereof, that we choose not to balance and enrich our own lives by cultivating friendships from both sexes?

When we limit our friendships, we limit our abilities to grow and deepen our abilities to develop true and lasting relationships that will continue through our lifetimes.

Successful marriages are found in developing friendships that were nurtured and allowed to happen. Successful friendships are the same, as well.

If only we, as adults, could allow the trusting innocence of childhood to permeate our current efforts to develop and strengthen friendships. If only we didn’t have to be always guessing and wondering….

How can you haunt me so

Keeping so close within reach

Touching with heart and mind

Yet keeping a distance so far

I can barely hear your speaking

Above the beating of your heart

And the rise and fall of the

Breathing in your breast;

Our eyes meet in a fixed gaze

And I know you are there

The lights are burning brightly

In the corners of your mind

Lighting the way into your soul

Inviting me into the

Comfort of your peace

And yet

There is a hesitation

An uncertainty

And I am left to wonder if

You offer an invitation inside

Or just reflect my own

Bewildered curiosity

Wondering, even hoping

“What if….”


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