The Meaning of Friendship

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Friend is someone who could understand thoughts
Even sometimes, it does not fit into words
Friend appears in times of grief and pains
When it sees fate and reality collides in the same place
A friend holds back offering his both hands helping

Either place nor seasons, a friend can trace and behold
It indeed, rest at the core of human psyche or soul
When the senses are weak and the feeling is hurt
A friend has a power to revive the losing hope
Recreate and reborn a dying spirit to cope

A friend provides time to share the laughter
Generous to show a vicarious feeling and empathy
An ingenuous being with no pretense and sensitive
With optimistic effort, scintillating and expressive
Magnanimous, persuasive and perfectly sensible

With all the dreams that are beyond necessary
He is a benefactor to lead the correcteous path
Nurtured and molded by divine influence
He outshines anyone else with the real passion
Transcending time, space and emotion

The epitome of a friend is someone who deeply believes
In things mostly beyond reach of a simple mind
Has a strong credo in one's capacity, ability and decision
He accepts the truth about the inner details
Of an impervious unconscious

A friend with no alter ego
No thousand masks worn
But only an honest heart
With the ability to accept everything

Like the universe so timeless to point the beginnings
Even like the Earth more abundant to cease illusions
A fathomable friend is more than anything an eye could see
More than the incredible phenomena of fiction and reality
He, unsecciously could provide the words like love and eternity


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