The Secret of Being Friends After a Breakup to Help You Get Your Girlfriend Back

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You might be worried that being friends with your ex might mean ALWAYS being in the friend role. Not so! Like I always say, any relationship is better than no relationship! So many guys have told me stories about how being part of the same social group as their ex helped them get their girlfriend back. Here are their secrets about why it worked:

1. She will see you out and about, hanging out with friends and be reminded about you from time to time.

2. She will see you are happy and living well. This will definitely intrigue her and make her curious about what your life is like now.

3. It can prevent awkward moments in the future. If you see one another on occasion with friends then a random, chance meeting later will not be so uncomfortable.

4. Spending time together with other friends around shows maturity and it will help you get over the hurt of the breakup. It helps to keep things progressing forward.

5. You can continue to get to know her. Friends learn all kinds of things about one another. It may help later on to know her favorite restaurant, bar, band, brand of clothing, etc.

6. It may help you, and perhaps more importantly, her, forgive and forget. If you are enjoying each other's company from time to time while out with other friends, she may have a hard time remembering why you broke up at all.

She'll be reminded of how she felt about you in the beginning, when you started to date. Seeing each other in relaxed environments is a good way to stay connected and the perfect setting for things progressing to the next level. So keep your cool and relax when you're out with your friends and you happen to see your ex. Take things as they come and remember that many guys are friends with their ex before they get back together. Just remember, being friends with your ex can be the first step before you get your girlfriend back!


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