The True Meaning Of Friendship

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When we talk about friendship the first thing that comes into our mind are the persons who accompany us any time we need them, but did we ask ourselves if they are really our friends? Or it is a just a sort of words, an easy to say, but the real meaning of that word are misuse and sometimes abuse, not just once but most of the times as well.

The first kind of friendship is the so called casual friendship faces we recognize by name for instance when you saw him / her in a certain place you recognize them, the second is what we called acquaintance friendship these are the friends we usually met in the part , and then the next time we saw them a simple hi and hello are what we can do for them, the third is what we called close friendship these are the friends we used to be with in times of happiness and events in our lives.

The last is what everyone need and desire the intimate friendship these are the friends that stay with us no matter what happen, they are interested to what is best for us, they tell us the truth sometimes, and hurt us but they do those thing to uplift us because they know what is best for us, the best thing about them is that they accept us as we are.

They are the friends we really need in order to live our life meaningful as the saying goes No man is an Island '


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