The Value of Maintaining Friendships

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We all have childhood best friends and we often attend those people who would still be our friends when we are all grown up and even until the day we die. Some people are lucky to keep their childhood friends, especially their best friends. However, most people just grow apart and sadly, some childhood best friends just become people who used to know each other.

What are the factors that affect friendship? There are many reasons why a best friend from childhood can be forgotten. One of the most common reasons would be distance. Moving away and growing apart from each other can have the biggest effect on friendships. Although people would often make extra efforts to keep the communication and to maintain the bond, very few friendships ever succeed.

Another reason why we may forget our best friend is that we meet new best friends. Our friends when we were young may not share the same interests that we have when we reach the teenage years. So there is a natural falling out. We find new people who share our new interests and leave behind people who no longer have things in common with us. Of course, there are still the fond memories and those can not be taken away. The memories will remain in our hearts but may not be enough to hold a friendship.

As we grow older, we meet new people and build new friendships. We make new best friends in high school and some in college. These friendships are often the ones that last the longest.

How do we maintain friendships? Once we graduate from college, we go on our own ways. People focus on more serious things in life such as getting a job, building a career, and having families. How can we even keep track of our friends?

What do we have to do to maintain friendships? Is it really that hard to do so? It is often a point of regret, when looking back, we realize how many friends we have lost track of and how many we have forgotten or may have forgotten us.

Friendship is a gift and not all people have this gift. If we are lucky enough to have the gift of friendship, we must make sure that we do not lose it. The value of friends is often taken for granted. We always assume that our friends will always be our friends forever. However, like all relationships, friendships need to be worked on too. If we want to keep our friends in our lives, we must do more than remind and make an active effort to maintain our relationship with our friends. It could be a call, a text, or even an e-mail. You'd be surprised at how much these affect a relationship.

It may not be that difficult to keep friends if we never stop being one.


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