True Value of Friendship

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In this age of innovation, human values are slowly getting replaced with fleeting opportunities. Ready to eat meals, high speed lifestyle, modern gizmos all make quality time less for an individual. The symphony of Beethoven and counting a flock of home bound birds is much ignored by today’s generation. There is much joy in watching the sun setting or seeing ripples created in a pond, during monsoon. Many times simple things in life give us immense joy.

Friendship is deep and is synonymous with understanding. It has to meet the testing times and also goes through periods of speculation. Human nature changes with respect to a person’s job, education level and interaction. Distance in friendship of the true kind is just about a different place. Remembering and cherishing old moments is also a way to preserve friendship. The first friendships are mostly from school and attending reunions gathers nostalgic moments. Value of friendship is further heightened by a birthday wish or greetings during the festivals.

Family remains a priority for all individuals, but for each person there is no much meaning in life without having a confidante. Friendship does not relate to age and gender. It is about giving and sharing. Joy needs to be communicated and also it is imperative to let your friend know about the ebbing concepts in your life. Friendship with your spouse is at a deeper level and it is a transparent relationship.

Hanging out with a group of friends especially when one is in the youth is common. It is important to disassociate oneself from a wrong influence. Friendship is all about quality and not quantity. Valuing friendship also means accepting a friend’s demerits. Hurts in friendship deepen into wounds and a good friend can be lost forever. Taking the first move to apologize is a form of valuing friendship and expressing your love.


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