What About a Dog Lifetime Friendship?

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There is no greater and wider pleasure than the experience of raising your first dog. Seeing that fluffy puppy running all around your backyard and devastating your home, riding your couch and jumping all over your place … now that's what I call adrenaline! The simple joy of walking side by side with your buddy out in the fresh air, throwing a stick, spend some quiet time … just you and your very best friend! Dogs are nothing but a blessing for those who love animals and care for their safety. And it might be fun too!

Dogs stand for purely unconditioned love. They do not care if you're rich or poor, smart of dumb, black or white, fat or thin. They are definitely love exactly the way you are! You're nothing but their single, good-hearted master, the one who feed them, walk them and hug them at least once a day. There is no better friend like a nice, faithful doggy getting in your way when you feel less happy and standing in the doorway by the time you come home from work. Dogs can not smile.

But they certainly have this unlimited power to make you carry one on your face, every time you see them fooling around like babies. They like to cuddle in your softest blankets, steal your steak at dinner and even wake you up in the middle of the night for a silent walk under the moonlight. How could you not love a furry living wonder like one of those? They always feel blue when you're down, they share the very same thoughts and moods just like you do with your close friends and family. Dogs just know when you're sick and carry too much below down on your shoulders. They can not talk, although they do, by simply staring andaving their little tales.

A dog has no use for fancy clothes, big checks, precious jewelry, expensive cars or any other luxury proof. A water log stick will do just fine! Give him your heart and he'll give you his. Is just that simple! How many people can you say that about? How many people can make you feel special, unique and extra? Dogs can actually do that! They will never fail you, walk away from you or lie to you, not in any or other way like humans do.

Dogs are dogs. They will always be there on your side, waiting for you to come home and give you their pawl like best friends shake their hands when seeing each other after a long time. Do not throw that special moment away from them. Just make sure they've got fresh water and some leftovers in their bowl and that's more than enough. They really do not care about food, even if they eat in the greediest way possible, like a starving child. They care about you, your love, your company and finally …. your dog-lifetime friendship.


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