What Makes a True Friend

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True friends are rare to come by these days. Even if you believe you've connected with someone, how do you really know they are a true friend? This person is hard to find, often you will find that there may be someone who you thought you could trust but who may have let you down. It hurts and may make you wary of putting yourself out there but there are ways you can know if a friendship is true and how to hold onto that friend.

A true friend is someone who will be there for you no matter what. Through good times, through bad times, they will stick by your side. They will be there still even when you fall on your face to help pick you up. They will not abandon you when the going gets tough. They will accept you for who you are without trying to change you but will be there to help you grow in new ways and expand your horizons. A friend will bring new and exciting things into your life and make it more rich.

Trust is another important aspect. A true friend will keep your worst secrets as no doubt you will keep their heads. They will be honest and be someone you can depend on. He will listen and be someone you know you a talk things over with even if they may not have advice to share with you. Just having someone to talk to who you know you can trust and do not have to worry about what you may say will drive them away is very beneficial. You should never have to be afraid to trust a friend in this category, as your friend should not be afraid to trust you with their deepest secrets.

Friendship is a two-way street though. To find a true friend and keep them, you must in turn be the same as well. Be there for your friends in their times of need and share the good times with them. Be that someone someone your friend can depend on as well and offer them the same things they give to you. A friendship will fall apart fast if only one person is giving and putting effort in.

If you are the only one making an effort, be honest. Either you two do not click or the other person just is not a good friend. Trying to hang onto something that is not working will only cause hurt and frustration for the both of you.

When you find that person you can connect to, hold onto them as true friends are rare. There will be bumps in the road but that is the test of true friendship if it can survive those bumps stronger and better than ever. St. Thomas Aquinas states "There is nothing on this earth more prized than friendship" and that quote holds true. You will find that there is nothing more valuable than having a true friend by your side to share life with.


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