When is it Time to End the Friendship?

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In an email, the bride, your good friend just stripped you of your role as the maid of honor one week before the wedding because you did not comply with one of her demands. You're dazed and confused; wondering if you just read the email correctly. You're thinking how she could be so nonchalant about the situation. You're hurt and anger begins to boil over. You're devastated that she would be this cruel towards you. You're wondering if the friendship is over.

The qualities she exhibited are:

1. Selfishness – you did not give into one of her demands so she decides to write her thoughts in an email.

2. Disrespectful – sending an email that tells you you're no longer involved in this special event for no good reason.

3. Cowardly – she could not even tell you to your face how she felt.

The qualities you exhibit are:

1. Loyalty – you were there for her during her weakest moments.

2. Respectful – held your thoughts when they did not seem appropriate to be expressed.

3. Understanding – expressed compassion when during the difficult moments in her life.

It's natural to feel anger, hurt, and devastated because of her actions and continuing the friendship requires a self evaluation. Keeping your self esteem intact is critical. If you do not understand your self-worth then how can others appreciate you? Having low self esteem may scream "Walk over me please!" That's not what you want because you do not deserve to be anyone's door mat. If you exhibit loyalty, respect, and understanding then you deserve it in return.

People with high self esteem have the following qualities:

1. Confidence within themselves.

2. Ability to solve problems instead of worry about them.

3. Ability to nurture themselves.

You should demonstrate those positive qualities in your life. A good, strong self-esteem shows off the best of you. Nurturing yourself is first and then everyone else follows. You should remember how special you are. There never has been and there never will be anyone like you again. Do not let anyone take away your self-respect and dignity. You should walk through life with a positive outlook so when you ask yourself if this relationship is salvageable think about if her negative qualities will be displayed again. If you think they would be then maybe the relationship is not worth you being emotionally knocked around in the future.

Ending a relationship can never be easy even if you know it needs to be done. Your friend is about to be a person that you no longer have any communication with and if you have a heart then it must be upsetting. Remember you have a high self esteem which means you have the ability to confront difficult situations. If you do not feel you have a high self esteem then begin with putting yourself first and the rest will follow.


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