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The WWE has seen a shift over the last half decade when it comes to their female superstars. Even their former label as Divas has been discarded (except on Total Divas where it's kind of stuck) to reflect this transformation. Now, the women of the WWE resemble a more diverse collection of looks and body types among their rosters, reflecting the emphasis change from simply being the thin, fit model types to the women who can actually wrestle the best or who have the most endearing or engaging personalities getting the spotlight.

Two of those women are the impressive Nia Jax and the huggable Bayley. Both these women in the past might not have gotten a look into the WWE (although Nia's connections with The Rock might have snuck her in) but now both are mainstays on the Raw roster and are seen by millions of fans weekly. The reason they might have been overlooked despite their talents between the ropes is that Bayley is far more the 'girl next door' rather than a runway model, and Nia Jax is a unique size and presence all her own.

While these two women are top contenders for the Raw Women's Championship, right now we're going to find 8 of the hottest pictures each of them has taken and compare to see which of these unconventional superstars is the hottest overall.

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17 Nia Will Make You Tapout

via Pinterest.com

Admit it, some of you were skeptical about Nia Jax. Let this amazing closeup shot dispel those worries, with Nia looking right down the lens and being all the more gorgeous for it. There's a reason her WWE entrances every Raw begin with a closeup of her eyes and then her face, and it's because this beauty has some of the most naturally pretty features among the entire women's roster.

This shot in particular shows off a few things, such as how good Nia would look at an open stadium Wrestlemania where her hair was blowing just so to make her appear sultry in the extreme. Or perhaps it's her deft touch on the makeup which makes her skin appear flawless. Most of all, those eyes are deadset stunning and anyone seeing their reflection in those pools is lucking out.

16 Summer Party Bayley

via WWE.com

Bayley doesn't appear to do many bikini shoots, perhaps because WWE is banking on her family-friendly image, so this is about as close as you can get to a bikini-clad Bayley at the beach. WWE's own photo shoot of their women gave us this sun-drenched shot of Bayley sporting some shorts and a little sleeveless top that does little to hide the fantastic shape she's in.

Bayley looks phenomenal here, the lighting and her expression instantly drawing the eye to her seemingly perpetually happy face, then to what her top is emphasizing. Also, Bonus Charlotte sighting, in case you missed it. Double bonus, a rare tattoo showing on Bayley's wrist that looks a fair bit like Johnny Gargano's symbol from NXT, another of the many indicators of her stellar taste in grapplers.

15 Nia Looking Finer

As Nia says about this picture herself on her Instagram, "A lady in the streets..". If there wasn't already enough proof that Nia takes a damn fine photo, there's so much goodness going on here that it hardly requires explanation. A bodysuit of lacy lingerie type material doing not much to hide the revealing underwear, then those heels all come together to show her off in a very flattering way. If you're an 'earing guy' she's got a nice set of those on which appears to be a rarity for her, and as usual, her makeup is on point to set her off.

There's even some symbolism going on with that iron-looking halo behind her head making the whole thing just that little bit better to feast your eyes on. If WWE ever wanted a nickname for this women, they could do worse than 'Iron Angel', just saying.

14 Bayley, before she was Bayley

via Wix.com

Before the WWE Universe got introduced to the enthusiastic fangirl with a penchant for hugs, Bayley was plying her trade as Devina Rose and here we get a promotional look at her former persona. There's that ever-present smile, but the hair is loose and she's got that friendly, tough girl thing going on which as we came to know later is part of the whole Bayley package.

The main takeaway here though is again her abs and the way the whole outfit is giving the master of the hug its own version of a tight squeeze. The pants especially clinging tight to what we've come to know as one of her best features (which we'll get to soon) gives a hint of what's to come. Mainly though, her Bayley (to) belly here is sheer perfection and can't be overlooked.

13 Nia Recliner

via Instagram.com

This picture of Nia seems to capture a few of her so far disparate characteristics in one glorious shot to brilliant effect. We've got her eyes and face in a fantastic smile as she looks like she's having the time of her life simply hanging out comfortably in the elements relaxing, and that's always a plus. Her outfit is simultaneously suggestive but still classy as hell, showing off much of her unsung physical features in an extremely flattering light. If you didn't appreciate her legs before, you just might now.

The hair is masterful, the shoes are enticing, and everything we can see here makes us wish it were us that Nia was looking over towards, perhaps as we had a pair of drinks on hand to kick off a fun afternoon. You couldn't ask for much better than that.

12  12. Bayley & Nia together, But That Pink Ranger tho...

via twitter.com

Here we actually get to see the two girls side by side, albeit in their Halloween gear, and it's a double treat. However, we can't ignore that it's Bayley with the advantage because while Nia's costume is actually within the same ballpark as her overall regular ring-gear, Bayley steals the show in a skin-tight Pink Ranger costume that is all kinds of hot. Did I mention it's skin-tight?

Anything that shows off Bayley's curves needs to be applauded and this does it in a whole new way, especially with Bayley slightly turned to the side so we get a sense of the effect it's having on both sides. Pink should definitely make it's way into her regular rotation of ring gear, and perhaps a pair of those goggles too since they somehow make her smile extra 'smiley' here.

11 Unrecog-Nia-zable

via Instagram.com

Apologies for the labored pun but you truly might not recognize WWE Raw's current star Nia Jax from this modeling photo in her time before the squared circle. Between the curls and the exposed curves, this shot opens her up to a whole new level of appreciation. For those who weren't aware of Nia's modeling background, seeing her like this might just be the thing to make them look at her in a decidedly new light, since taking her best features and putting them on the line in the rigors of the ring is a bold move, one which so far seems to be paying off if her proximity to her first WWE Raw Women's Championship is any indication.

But back to this stunning shot, it appears almost out of the 80's and yet timelessly alluring. Once again Nia's eyes are magnetic, and among the many great shots of her we've compiled here, this one is a strong contender.

10 Bayley's Back Body is Tops

via imgur.com

Since we're going to have to keep going back to Nia's incredible facial features, particularly her stunning eyes, it's about time we give Bayley's best physical feature it's due. The mistress of the Bayley-To-Belly has an absolutely phenomenal behind, and since she appears to be unable to resist hugging it herself (we don't blame her) there's no reason we can't appreciate it for all the goodness it brings to the ring each week.

Now there's an argument over whether it's the best in the entire WWE, but that's only because Naomi over on Smackdown has something of a world-class 'rear-view' of her own. Bayley is no slouch in this department though, and if nothing else the excellence in question just enhances Bayley's overall attractiveness factor to the audience who appreciate that type of thing.

9 Nia Jax Wants To Know Your Safeword

via pinterest.com

This time it's Nia's turn and she's showing her decidedly dark side and with this, I think she's taking the game to a whole new level. The smile says "We're going to have fun" but the chain says she might very well be in charge of what comes next. That or she's just getting ready for a street-fight at an upcoming PPV special, either one. Both options seem equally valid though, since the longer you look, and no one can look at this and not appreciate a few things, the more you might wonder exactly what her plan is and by then it's too late, you're snared.

You add on top of all that the excellent hair flowing down one side of her face and that devilish smile, and this shot has got to have you appreciating the Raw rosters resident female force. 'Not like most girls' indeed.

8 Black Leather Bayley

via pinterest.com

It's Bayley's turn to get a little dark. For some guys out there the girl absolutely has to get in the black leather, and this is just such a rare taste of what Bayley looks like (from this angle) if she forwent the bright colors almost completely and embraced the dark side. It doesn't hurt that she also looks like she's playing Sasha Banks bodyguard here, like a huggable, female version of Diesel and HBK from back in the day.

Bayley's best features come into play in this shot as well, namely her ridiculous midriff and lower half make you want to jump the barricade to see if there's a hug coming your way (it's not advised though). Add on top of those the goofy, fun pose and stance where the glasses give Bayley somewhat of a 'Macho Man' vibe, and Bayley is constantly doubling down on her likability which just enhances the entire package.

7  7. Nia's Hypnot-eyes

Smize 💋💄

A post shared by Lina Fanene (@niajaxwwe) on Jun 30, 2017 at 8:46pm PDT

Look, we're just going to come out and say it. Nia may have the prettiest eyes in the entire WWE. The evidence is all here. She may not get to show it weekly on the television program where she's throwing the other female superstars around the ring but when she can simply stare through you with such perfection it's a wonder that WWE only focuses on her eyes during her entrance. They could base an entire show around them, and since we know she's joining Total Divas this year, that could be the plan.

Nia knows the power of confidence and how it enhances her presentation from her modeling days, so it should only be a matter of time before she fully translates that innate mystique to her wrestling life and look and lets the WWE Universe get behind her for more than just being a bruising brawler.

6 Bayley Blue

via Twitter.com

Here we're with Bayley showing her fashionable side, again with her Four Horsewomen friend Charlotte in a smoking hot blue dress with some NXT gold bling to accentuate it. It's simple but shows off Bayley's nice curves and that she can look just as home in a set of heels as she can in her wrestling boots. Not only that, but between the hair, makeup and nails Bayley has going here she is sure to be turning heads at outings like this Wrestlemania weekend event where this was taken before the Hall Of Fame.

As always Bayley's smile is one of the most genuine in all of WWE and here she is again showing the WWE Universe that even the girl next door can grow up to be an ass-kicking hottie on the red carpet when she's not between the ropes tearing it up. Throw in that adorable dimple and there's no doubt she's a heart-breaker as well as a back-breaker.

5 Nia Au Naturale

via Instagram.com

Nia taking a selfie photo for body positivity shows more skin than she usually does otherwise, giving us a look at her sans all the bells and whistles and there's still plenty to like. Even without WWE's makeup department, she has a very pretty face, looking somewhat like a big sister to Rosario Dawson which is always a compliment. She's also showing off some of that bedraggled hairstyle that is hot in all its own way, plus giving you a sense that her body type has benefits that some slimmer girls can't claim.

Nia's lips also demand attention here, the natural tone to them revealing a damn fine feature. A low cut in the front completes the image of a woman who is self-assured enough to put it all out there and knows that she is quality inside and out.

4 Bayley Gaming

Via Instagram.com

From Nia's version of relaxing to Bayley's, here is just a whole collection of reasons why you should come around and love the San Jose native if you don't already. Firstly, she's a dog person which is always a good sign. She's a gamer, so you know that she can hang out till the AM, chilling with a controller in hand. That top is all kinds of cool and shows that she loved the WWE's previous queen of relatability and 'seeming like an awesome chick', AJ. "Weirdos For The Win" indeed.

She also shows fantastic choice in her male wrestler role models, with The Macho Man proudly emblazoned on her gaming chair. No one who digs on both Randy Savage and AJ can be anything less than awesome. Top all that off with her beaming face in a picture that also highlights one of Bayley's unsung features with her legs looking amazing, and it's like a Saturday night fantasy in one shot.

3 Nia suspects something


A post shared by Lina Fanene (@niajaxwwe) on Aug 9, 2017 at 7:53pm PDT

Ok, we get it, Nia, you're a former model. Well, ok, but just this one more. Where Nia holds the clear advantage over Bayley is her ability to be pure, smoking-hot, camera-candy. Where Bayley brings relatability that has it's own set of advantages, Nia can just refer back to her years in front of the lens providing shots like this one that combine class with classic beauty and in that regard she brings it as hard as she does in the ring.

Here we have a closeup that only benefits her form, highlighting again her eyes, lips, and hair with an off-beat glance to the side that could mean a million things when left to the imagination, all of them good. If Nia is going to hold on to her claim to be the more photogenic of these two girls, it's everything in this shot that's going to bring it home for her.

2 Bee Bayley

via Pinterest.com

Bayley doesn't have as many professional modeling shoots under her belt as the former model (go figure), but when she does pose for a set there's no denying that she has the market cornered on adorable. This has come up a lot, but Bayley has a terrific smile and combines that with this simple outfit combo and it's doing everything right to make you stop and stare.

Standing slightly side on we get a great look at her silhouette and there's even a bit of coyness going on with her skirt that really helps put this one over the top. Together with the form-fitting top, exposed midriff with some top notch-tone, and the eyes and hair all with that smile and Bayley pulls alongside Nia in giving you a reason to be smitten. But is it enough to overhaul Nia for the win?

1 And Your Winner Is...

via NiaJax.com

While it may be appropriate that this list ends with a hug, it's Nia's bearhug on Bayley and her impeccable modeling resume that leaves her the clear winner. Nia may yet need to capture some gold within the WWE to ascend to the heights Bayley has already reached, but with her undeniable looks surely serving her well as she moves forward, there are some other competitions she may end up on the winning side of very soon.

Bayley is not just the cute tomboy type as they sometimes portray her as on WWE Raw either, so perhaps some change in perspective for them both could open up the WWE to seeing these two as the fantastically attractive women that they are.


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