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  • admin July 16, 2009 @ 11:21 am

    Hi Everybody -

    First of all, I would like to thank Z.O.G. for providing information on Jones as well as links. I hope that he will soon be posting comments to this article so as to enhance the information.

    Next on the list, and I am going to be quite brief because I am overly exhausted from the NYC Street Evangelism Trip and working on this article since getting home without respite, is the DONATION issue.

    Quite frankly, I have never been more discouraged since starting OUR site. Donations have slid to ROCK BOTTOM. I make appeal after appeal, I give daily reports on my Street Evangelism, hoping to get some donations in to help me out, yet it seems the more I ask, the less people donate.

    OUR site, Real Zionist News, GROWS with every passing week. I am getting more emails than ever before from NEW READERS thanking me for OUR site and expressing their gratitude for LEARNING the truth about the Christ hating Jews and their Zionist agenda.

    Yet, at the same time, while OUR site, Real Zionist News GROWS, (now up to 860,000 page visits per month), DONATIONS dwindle with every passing week. Am I doing something wrong? Are the articles not as good as they used to be? Please let me know what I need to do to bring in some financial help as I once used to get?

    If DONATIONS continue to dwindle and only trickle in, then I will soon have to make a decision to put my time and effort into other areas. It’s a shame that it would come to that, but, I am seeing diminishing returns for all of my hard work and hours upon hours of time.

    Many love to make Comments here on OUR site, Real Zionist News. Yet, some of the Commentors, who have a HUGE readership for their treatises and comments, are NOT willing to help out. The Comments Section is Super Popular and I provide a Forum for many to express their opinions on Zionist and religious matters. YET - many STILL will not help out.

    Please pray about and consider helping me out. A DONATION FEATURE is at the top and bottom of this and every article.

    Or simply CLICK (Why do I keep on asking when hardly anybody “Clicks?”) @

    Or, Donations May Be Safely Sent To:
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    I wish to thank the FEW OF YOU who are faithful contributers. I also would like to thank the few NEW donators who were willing to help out in the last two weeks. A special thanks to Jim De Texas, A Man Of Peace, and Fr Joseph, for sending in some help.

    OKAY. Enough of this for now. As regards Street Evangelism In NYC, the trip was SO SUCCESSFUL with TONS OF YOUNG PEOPLE mobbing me, asking me about my message of the love of Jesus Christ, I have already booked a return trip for August 18-22 2009. I simply feel that I have an obligation to fulfill.

    So, if contributing to Real Zionist News is not your cup of tea, perhaps some of you will help me to bring the message of Christ’s Love to the streets of NYC and Boston.

    Please pray about and consider helping me out with the Street Evangelism.

    A DONATION FEATURE is at the top and bottom of this and every article. Or simply CLICK (Again - Why do I keep on asking when hardly anybody “Clicks?”) @

    Or, Donations May Be Safely Sent To:
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    And speaking about Love, I DO love you all, I DO appreciate you all, and all of you are in my daily prayers. Please keep me in yours for Christ’s provision so that I can fulfill the ministry He has called me to.

    Your +Brother In Christ, Nathanael

  • Joanne July 17, 2009 @ 9:24 am

    The Bronfman family live in Toronto in a prestigious area called Forest Hill.

    Their house was recently broken into and jewelry was stolen (probably Zionist propaganda).

    The Bronfman family own Shoppers Drug Mart, one of the leading drug stores in Ontario.

    They have bought out most of the smaller drug stores, similar to Wal-Mart, also owned by Jews.

    As I’ve always said, Toronto is the Zionist capital of the world. They literally hide out here and love it.

    Edgar Bronfman (Sr. or Jr.?)is an official of the Anti-Defamation League, the watchdog arm of the exclusively Jewish Freemasonic lodge, B’nai B’rith.

    A group of Torah Jews in New York City were authors of the Family Defense Council newsletter. In it they regularly exposed the ADL.

    The political control…

    John McCain’s particular devotion to the interests of Israel (I wonder why) — it is necessary to recognize the little-known fact that the powerful Bronfman family empire, based on its Seagram’s liquor fortune and its controlling influence over the Time-Warner media conglomerate, has been the primary behind-the-scenes force dominating Arizona politics.

    While the Bronfman family first came to power in Montreal in the 1920s under Sam Bronfman, a foremost partner of U.S.-based organized crime chieftain Meyer Lansky whose so-called “Mafia” henchmen peddled Bronfman liquor in the United States during Prohibition, the current head of the family, Edgar Bronfman, spent many years as president of the powerful World Jewish Congress.

    The Bronfmans, along with the Rothschilds of Europe, the Oppenheimers of South Africa, and Armand Hammer of the United States—all patrons of Israel and the global Zionist network—constituted what has been dubbed the “Billionaire Gang of Four.”

    But the Bronfman family has emerged as the virtual royal family of American Zionism, and their tentacles reach far and wide throughout the United States through a vast array of holdings little known to the public.

    McCain’s home state of Arizona has long been under Bronfman control.

    While most Americans perceive Arizona as a paradise of cowboys, cacti and wide-open spaces and a conservative stronghold independent of the corruption and intrigue found in the big cities like New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, Arizona ranks right up alongside the great crime capitals. That status can be traced directly to the influence of the Bronfmans.

    The Bronfmans are the “godfathers” behind the political career of John McCain.
    McCain’s late father-in-law was the owner of the biggest Anheuser-Busch beer distributorship in Arizona—one of the largest beer distributors in the nation.

    But the mainstream media has had nothing to say about the origins of the Hensley fortune that financed McCain’s rise to power.

    The Hensley fortune is a regional offshoot of the big-time bootlegging and rackets empire of the Bronfman dynasty.

    Dupont Co. was founded in 1802 by E. I. du Pont de Nemours. In 1902, Pierre Samuel du Pont II (1870-1954), was one of three grandsons who assumed ownership and management of DuPont.

    Current director of DuPont Co., Andrew F. Brimmer, is a trustee of the liberal Brookings Institution and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR].

    The former director of DuPont was Seagrams/narcotics magnate, Edgar Bronfman.

    Sincerely in Christ,

  • jgalindes July 17, 2009 @ 12:24 pm

    Dear Joanne,

    You said well :

    “the Bronfman family has emerged as the virtual royal family of American Zionism, and their tentacles reach far and wide throughout the United States through a vast array of holdings little known to the public”, and I’ll enlarge the picture.

    Bronfman-Elsztain and the power of the octopus:

    There was a time a proud, vigorous and rich country down the south of the American continent.

    Erected with the hard labor of the native Indian population and European immigrants, this young nation went to be among the ten richest countries of the world by 1910.

    Notwithstanding having a predictable brilliant future, this southern state is today, sunk among the poorest of the world.

    What happened to Argentina?

    The history of the socio-political downfall is a long and complex subject.

    I just wanted to remark the blatant failure to protect Argentina’s sovereign rights due the traitorous performance of consecutive national governments.

    Everybody knows the agrarian tradition of Argentina. Its flat and huge expanses of pastures, where world famous cattle grazed on quiet and effortless manners, the once rich soil that marveled every single foreigner visiting the “Pampas .

    After decades of mismanagement, political, economic and social upheavals, many landowners (entitled to vast uncultivated or poorly cultivated land or otherwise ruined traditional families) ended pledging its properties to national banks as collateral for successive loans.

    One of the preferred banks was Banco Hipotecario that ended with almost half of all the mortgages of the country.

    At this point enters young man called Eduardo Elsztain, an Argentinean born in 1960 of Jewish ancestry.

    His grandfather Issac, was the founder in 1943 of IRSA, a company that later was destined to be the largest real state enterprise of the country.

    As soon as he finished high school Eduardo became the head of the family business, with a declared capital of 100,000 pesos (a negligible amount of money at that time).

    Thanks to the powerful contacts gained through the action of the Jewish community living in Argentina, Elsztain was able to met George Soros back in 1989 with the intention of convincing the financier to invest in bargain-priced properties in Argentina.

    During the nineties Soros profited around U$S 500 million with these investments…

    With Soros “help”, Elsztain managed to become the owner of all the principal shopping centers in Buenos Aires (Alto Palermo, Patio Bullrich, Paseo Alcorta, Design Center y Abasto), agri-businesses under Cresud another company of his group, and several emblematic skyscrapers in Bs.As.

    Cresud started a come back to Brasil searching for new investment opportunities.

    But Soros, after collecting those huge dividends, departed in search of new speculative adventures and our Jewish hero found new partners for IRSA in the following mega investors:

    Sam Zell, one of the five largest real state owners in the USA.,

    Michael Steinhardt, owner of one of the largest investment fund operations in USA; and,

    Edgar Bronfman, the heir of Seagram’s brewing interests, Universal, and many others.

    Eduardo as is normal among Jews, gave preference to his family in key administration positions, as well as old time friends as is the case of Clarisa Lifsic de Estol CEO of Banco Hipotecario,

    Saúl Zang, attorney for the whole group; and,

    Marcelo Mindlin, whom occupied the senior vice-presidency of IRSA from 1991 until 2003 when he departed to take care of Dolphin investment fund.

    Mindlin is well known in the public services investment sector, and invited Elsztain to participate with IRSA in Dolphin acquisition of Transener and Edenor (large utilities).

    Recently Edgar Bronfman named Elsztain treasurer of World Jewish Congress…

    All this long story demonstrate that Bronfman’s interests are spread all around the world, even menacing the sovereignity of whole nations, through PROXI investors like is the case of “Argentinean” Elsztain and IRSA principal private conroller of Banco Hipotecario.

    Many Argentineans are asking themselves:

    Is it there any danger of us becoming the Palestinians of the next generation?

    This is so because, Theodore Herzl, father of Zionism, wrote in his book dated 1896, Zionism “The Jewish State”, in one of its chapters called “Argentina or Palestine”, hat Argentina could yield part of its territory to Israel for a monetary compensation…

    Do you see the links here?

  • jgalindes July 17, 2009 @ 12:42 pm

    Those that do not want the truth to be known.

    The following individuals whose primary goal in life is getting tenure and publishing a textbook, yet believe they have a voice in deciding whether over 300 million American people should know just whose interests the Fed so staunchly protects, have issued an open letter to Congress and The Executive Branch, demanding that no one ever dare tinker or have audit powers over the private institution that is the Federal Reserve.

    Tyler Durden
    Zero Hedge
    July 15, 2009

    Those who run hedge funds, operate semi-failed companies, work for an Investment Bank, especially taxpayer bailed out ones, or are otherwise conflicted, are highlighted in bold.

    It makes sense to recall that the recent grassroots campaign to enforce the opposite – i.e., more transparency at the Fed, has been supported by over 5,000 individuals at this point.

    Zero Hedge recommends all who believe in transparency in this time when we have anything but, sign the petition to demonstrate their disagreement with the individuals below.

    “Fed Independence” Petition Signatories:

    Ricardo Caballero MIT [(this individual of sad remembrances for Argentineans), he and the late professor Rudi Dornbusch suggested:

    The recognition that this will be an effort of a decade, not of a few years. Argentina’s productive economy, its credit and its institutions have been destroyed. Both its physical and moral capital will have to be built up and that takes a very long time.

    · Because Argentine polity has become overburdened, it must temporarily surrender its sovereignty on all financial issues. Financial soundness is the key area where a beach head of stability must be created to even start thinking about sound public finance, saving and investment.

    · The rest of the world should provide financial support to Argentina. But it must do it only upon Argentina’s acceptance of radical reform and foreign hands-on control and supervision of fiscal spending, money printing and tax administration.

    Any external loan is to bridge the gap between immediate fiscal needs and the day, a year or two down the road, where radical reform creates sustainable finance”]


    Kenneth French, Dartmouth College
    Robert Hall, Stanford
    Anil Kashyap, Chicago Booth
    Pete Klenow, Stanford
    Frederic Mishkin, Columbia
    Thomas Sargent, NYU
    Michael Woodford, Columbia
    Andrew Abel, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
    Daron Acemoglu, MIT
    Michael Adler, Columbia University
    Yacine Ait-Sahalia, Princeton University
    Fernando Alvarez, University of Chicago
    Scott Anderson, Wells Fargo & Co.
    Cliff Asness Managing and Founding Principal, AQR Capital Management LLC
    Paul Asquith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    David Backus, NYU
    Dean Baim, Pepperdine University/UCLA
    Ravi Bansal, Duke University
    David Bates, University of Iowa
    Andrew Bernard, Dartmouth College
    Richard Berner, Morgan Stanley
    George Borts, Brown University
    Scott Brown, Raymond James & Associates
    Markus K. Brunnermeier, Princeton University
    Ralph C. Bryant, Brookings Institution
    Michael Carey, Calyon Securities (USA) Inc. Credit Agricole Group
    Christopher Carroll, Johns Hopkins University
    Martin Cherkes, Columbia University
    Diego Comin, Harvard University
    Jernej Copic, UCLA
    Dora Costa, UCLA
    Steven Davis, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    Angus Deaton, Princeton University
    Davide Debortoli, University of California, San Diego
    Eddie Dekel, Northwestern University
    Harold Demsetz, UCLA
    Scott Desposato, University of California, San Diego
    Douglas Diamond, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    Peter Diamond, MIT
    Francis X. Diebold, University of Pennsylvania
    Avinash Dixit, Princeton University
    Matthias Doepke, Northwestern University
    Darrell Duffie, Stanford
    Pierre Collin, Dufresne Columbia
    Martin Eichenbaum, Northwestern University
    Andrea Eisfeldt, Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management
    Jeffrey Ely, Northwestern University
    Eduardo Engel, Yale University
    Eugene Fama, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Henry Farber, Princeton University
    Roger Farmer, UCLA
    Jon Faust, Center for Financial Economics, Johns Hopkins U.
    Michael Feroli, J.P.Morgan
    Wayne Ferson, U.S.C.
    Kristin Forbes, MIT-Sloan School of Management
    Mark Gertler, New York Univiersity
    Marc Giannoni, Columbia University
    Simon Gilchrist, Boston University
    Robert J. Gordon, Northwestern University
    Roger Gordon, UCSD
    David Greenlaw, Morgan Stanley
    Gene Grossman, Princeton University
    Steffen Habermalz, Northwestern University
    James Hamilton, University of California, San Diego
    Gary Hansen, UCLA
    Robert Hansen, Tuck School, Dartmouth College
    Gordon Hanson, UC San Diego
    Milton Harris, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Tarek Hassan, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Zhiguo He, Chicago, Booth
    John Heaton, University of Chicago
    D. Lee Heavner Analysis Group, Inc.
    Christian Hellwig, UCLA
    Gailen Hite, Columbia Business School
    Yael Hochberg, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
    Stuart Hoffman, PNC Financial Services Group
    Bengt Holmstrom, MIT
    Bo Honore, Princeton University
    Peter Hooper, Deutsche Bank
    Takeo Hoshi, University of California, San Diego
    Christopher House, University of Michigan
    Peter Howitt, Brown University
    Chang-tai Hsieh, University of Chicago
    Ellen Hughes-Cromwick, Chief Economist, Ford Motor Company
    John Huizinga, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Erik Hurst, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Ravi Jagannathan, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
    Dana Johnson, Comerica Bank
    Karen Johnson, Federal Reserve Board of Governors (retired)
    Charles I. Jones, Stanford University, Graduate School of Business
    Paul Joskow, MIT
    Matthew Kahn, UCLA
    Juno Kang, The Bank of Korea
    Steven Kaplan, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Bruce Kasman, J.P. Morgan Chase
    Peter Kenen, Princeton Uniiversity
    Ralph Koijen, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    David Kotok Chariman, Central Banking Series, Global Interdependence Center, Philadelphia, PA.
    Arvind Krishnamurthy, Northwestern University
    Rafael La Porta, Dartmouth College
    David Lake, University of California, San Diego
    Bruce Lehman, UCSD
    Nan Li, Ohio State University
    Hilarie Lieb, Northwestern University
    John Liew, AQR Capital Management
    Juhani Linnainmaa, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Andrew Lo, MIT
    Kevin Logan, Dresdner Kleinwort
    Guido Lorenzoni, MIT
    Hanno Lustig, UCLA Anderson
    Louis Maccini, Johns Hopkins University
    Burton Malkiel, Princeton University
    Eric Maskin, The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University
    Robert McDonald, Kellogg School, Northwestern University
    Daniel McFadden, University of California, Berkeley
    Doug McMillin, Louisiana State University
    Rajnish Mehra, UC Santa Barbara
    Robert Mellman, J.P. Morgan
    Robert Merton, Harvard University
    Laurence Meyer, Macroeconomic Advisers, LLC
    Atif Mian, University of Chicago
    Gregory Miller, Suntrust Banks, Inc.
    Robert Moffitt, Johns Hopkins University
    Stephen Morris, Princeton University
    Dale Mortensen, Northwestern University
    Giuseppe Moscarini, Yale University
    Tobias Moskowitz, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Stefan Nagel, Stanford
    Maurice Obstfeld, University of California
    Berkeley Lee Ohanian, UCLA
    Maureen O’Hara, Cornell University
    Stavros Panageas, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Dimitris Papanikolaou, Northwestern University
    Robert Parry, President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Retired
    Lubos Pastor, University of Chicago Booth School of Business
    Lasse H. Pedersen, NYU
    Monika Piazzesi, Stanford
    Keith Poole, University of California, San Diego
    Giorgio Primiceri, Northwestern University
    Valerie Ramey, University of California, San Diego
    Enrichetta Ravina, Columbia University
    Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Princeton University
    Michael Rothschild, Princeton University
    Tano Santos, Columbia Business
    School Ulrike Schaede University of California, San Diego
    Richard Schmalensee, MIT
    Martin Schneider, Stanford
    Kermit Schoenholtz, NYU, Stern School of Business
    Jay Shanken, Emory
    Robert Shiller, Yale University
    Hyun Shin, Princeton University
    Stephen Shore, Johns Hopkins University
    Costis Skiadas, Northwestern University
    Matthew Slaughter, Dartmouth College
    James F. Smith, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC-Chapel Hill
    Chester Spatt, Carnegie Mellon University
    James H. Stock, Harvard
    Rene Stulz, The Ohio State University
    Amir Sufi, University of Chicago, Booth School of Business
    Joseph Swanson, Northwestern University
    Vefa Tarhan, Loyola University Chicago
    Edwin M. Truman, Peterson Institute for International Economics
    Harald Uhlig, University of Chicago
    Andrey Ukhov, Northwestern University
    Sergio Urzua, Northwestern University
    Chris Varvares, Macroeconomic Advisers, LLC
    Pietro Veronesi, University of Chicago
    Paul Wachtel, New York University, Stern School of Business
    Richard Walker, Northwestern University
    Mark Watson, Princeton
    Shang-jin Wei, Columbia
    David Weil, Brown University
    Pierre-Olivier Weill, UCLA Economics
    Burton Weisbrod, Northwestern University
    William Wheaton, MIT
    Michael Whinston, Northwestern University
    Mirko Wiederholt, Northwestern University
    Mark Witte, Northwestern University
    Tiemen Wouteren, Johns Hopkins University
    Jonathan Wright, Johns Hopkins University
    Wei Xiong, Princeton University
    Stanley Zin, New York University

    And here is the text of the endorsed letter:

    Open Letter to Congress and the Executive Branch

    Amidst the debate over systemic regulation, the independence of U.S. monetary policy is at risk. We urge Congress and the Executive Branch to reaffirm their support for and defend the independence of the Federal Reserve System as a foundation of U.S. economic stability. There are three specific risks that must be contained.

    First, central bank independence has been shown to be essential for controlling inflation. Sooner or later, the Fed will have to scale back its current unprecedented monetary accommodation. When the Federal Reserve judges it time to begin tightening monetary conditions, it must be allowed to do so without interference.

    Second, lender of last resort decisions should not be politicized.

    Finally, calls to alter the structure or personnel selection of the Federal Reserve System easily could backfire by raising inflation expectations and borrowing costs and dimming prospects for recovery. The democratic legitimacy of the Federal Reserve System is well established by its legal mandate and by the existing appointments process. Frequent communication with the public and testimony before Congress ensure Fed accountability.

    If the Federal Reserve is given new responsibilities every effort must be made to avoid compromising its ability to manage monetary policy as it sees fit.

    Remarks by jgalindes.
    For some reason Caballero is on top of these list of traitors!

  • admin July 17, 2009 @ 6:30 pm

    To Our Precious Real Zionist News Family -

    I have been under severe attack all day dear RZN family.

    This morning, a psuedo Orthodox priest began censuring me in a Comment (I deleted it) saying that RZN was selling out and that my ministry was a farce.

    He used these criticisms to justify his never sending to me a dime even though he is a regular reader of this site and has been since its inception.

    He was also very critical of Fr Joseph who posts regularly here.

    PLEASE LET IT BE KNOWN that ALL MAY POST COMMENTS HERE as OFTEN as they wish to and with subject matter they like. IT IS AN OPEN FORUM. It is because RZN readers like Fr Joseph really care about our godless society that they post Comments here.

    This afternoon on the street for Street Evangelism where I hold up the Cross of Christ high in the air in the 2nd busiest inetersection in Colorado here in the Ski/Summer resort area of the Rocky Mts was particularly challanging.

    I never got so many nasty and mean-spirited comments in my life. Then a car filled with teenage boys started screaming at me with leering wicked faces and then started pelting me with tons of tomatoes.

    The red juice splattered all over my beautiful cassock. It took me by surprise and I am still reeling from the shock of it all.

    No sooner did I get pelted that another group of teenage boys started yelling from their car, “Fk Jesus!”

    I blame this all NOT on the teenagers, but the wicked Jews like Bronfman who “pelt” teenage boys through the record industry with Satanism, nihilism, perversion, and all kinds of wickedness.

    Michael Jackson, the “boy-girl” is an example of the Jews’ pelting the teenagers with perversity. Marylyn Manson, the “American AntiChrist” with all his wickedenss and the “rap stars” with their lyrics like JayZ’s “murder Jesus…”murder Jesus” are ALL PRODUCTS OF THE WICKED JEWS who own the record industry, the video industry, the media and the press, and Hollywood.

    THEN, as I was on my way home with red juice all over me, a man yelled out from his car, “You Are Prostituting Your Soul!” (These people are cowards, for they will never speak out for Christ in public, they will only speak out against someone who is trying to do something for Christ in public.)

    I am losing hope for America more and more. BUT, I will never lose my courage to BRING THE CROSS which the Jews fear and wish to annihilate from the public square, OUT IN PUBLIC FOR ALL TO SEE!

    I am in a ferocious battle dear RZN family. Will you help me to continue the Street Evangelism and this site, which the wicked Jews and their new “Federal Hate Crimes Law” wish to destroy?

    BUT THEY WON’T! I went to see a lawyer and he and I will do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE NOT TO ALLOW THE CHRIST HATING, FREEDOM HATING JEWS, win over my vision to bring TRUTH and WHOLESOMENESS TO THE WORLD!

    Please consider and pray about helping me out with my vision for this site and the Street Evangelism that I conduct.

    I have already booked another NYC trip for August 18-22 2009 and plan on going to Boston in September once the colleges open again. Will you help me with my vision to bring the symbols of Christ out to and for this Christ-less society we now live in?

    There is a Donation Feature Button on the top and bottom of this and every RZN article.

    Or simply CLICK (Why do I keep on asking when hardly anybody “Clicks?”) @

    Or, Donations May Be Safely Sent To:
    Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID; 83856.

    I do wish to thank the FEW out of tens of thousands of RZN readers (already in the last hours over 3,000 hits came in to this article), who do make financial sacrifices to keep my ministry going.

    I am not rich like “for fear of the Jews” Alex Jones. Nor do I have billions of dollars like the Anti Christ Jews of the ADL.

    I live a very austere monastic life style and I am VERY CAREFUL of how I can be a good steward of other peoples’ hard earned dollars that they donate to me.

    Lastly, I appreciate you all, I respect you all, and I really care about you all. I feel that we are growing a genuine, sincere, Real Zionist News family that the Lord Jesus Christ is pleased with.

    And do keep me in your prayers for Christ’s protection and guidance.

    Much Love In Him, +Brother Nathanael

  • Hoff July 19, 2009 @ 1:45 am

    The jewish conspiracy explained easy

    There is nothing complicated about the jewish conspiracy, there are 200 nations, 200 states in the whole world and the jews want to control every single 200 states and once in control the jews starts to destroy your country. This is the jewish conspiracy in essence.

    What every single jewish ”intellectual” do their entire life is thinking about how the jews can take control of you state and then destroy your nation, your country. No nation is alike so what the jews do is that they adopt the takeover of the state to that nations circumstance.

    Zionism and communism are twins and they are both judaism. The whole communist (con)cept is straight out of the jewish Talmud. Con = persuade (someone) to do or believe something, typically by use of a deception.

    The jewish fraud communism has shaped the last century and communism impact on the whole world is unparalleled. So to understand what happened and what is happening you must understand what communism really is and how communism works and what the goal of communism is. Communism is about one thing and one thing only - Jews taking control of the state.

    You must understand this so think hard about it. What can you do if you control the state? You can do anything you like.

    Once you control the state you can do anything you like. To control the state is the ultimate power you can get in your life and that is what the jews wants - ultimate power - and that is what the jewish conspiracy is all about, taking control of the state.

    Communism is all about how the jews can take control of the state and to do that in a dictatorship is very easy, you take control of the secret police and that jews did in Russia 1917. Once you control the secret police in a dictatorship you can do anything you like, now you have the ultimate power and that is what the jews wants.

    Russia 1917 was 150 million and six million jews. Why the jews wanted Russia is because she was the biggest country in the world. lf you want the world you go for the biggest countries, not the small ones, them you take later. Russia, one sixth of the world landmass, twelve time zones, twice the size of America. So how can six million jews take over the state and 150 million russians?

    They can’t - unless they can con stupid and ignorant non-jews to help the jews taking control of the state and that is what communism really is all about - con non-jews to help the jews taking control of the state.

    Anyone who remotely knows anything about communism knows that when the lips of a communist is moving they are lying. Every single thing all communists has ever said or written is a lie. Communism is one big lie and it’s a jewish lie.

    The jewish communist will tell all the non-jews anything, they will promise all the non-jews they can have hell or heaven, that they will be the new masters, that they can have anything they want. The jewish communist will lie and use every trick in the book to get the stupid and ignorant non-jews help the jews take control of the state and that is why the jews could take over Russia 1917, because non-jews helped the jews take control of Russia and rename her Sovjet.

    All non-jewish communist will tell you that the secret police in Sovjet was 80 percent jews but that it had nothing to do with them being jews. The jews just ”happens” to be 80 percent of the secret police. Who controls the secret police in a dictatorship IS the state. lf you was a jew and was the head of the secret police would you want the non-jews know that you are the state?

    Of course not. So what you do is you appoint some non-jewish NoBody like Lenin and tell the world that Lenin is controlling the state, when in fact you are the true ruler of the Sovjet state.

    The jewish Talmud is a manual to all the jews what they shall do to take control of all the states in the world — communism is only an updated version of Talmud. The jewish Talmud tells the jews that they must use every trick in the book to con the non-jews and that is what communism says, too.

    What the stupid and ignorant non-jewish communist don’t understand is that the jews do exactly that to all the non-jewish communist. The jews take control of the state and then they tell the stupid non-jewish communist that it dosen’t matter that 80 percent of the secret police are jews, and they believe the lying jews.

    What the jews do once they are in control of the state is to get rid of their Useful Idiots, that is, the stupid non-jewish communists that helped the jews take control of the state. The only non-jews that remains in the state is stupid and ignorant people that don’t have a clue that communism is all about jews controlling the state.

    All the marxist-leninist mumbo-jumbo is all about to con all the non-jews to not understand that jews are in control of the state. Marxism-Leninism is complete meaningless bullshit for stupid (m)asses, the people. Communism is all about jews taking control of the state, everything else about communism is to con the non-jews from understanding that jews controls the state in every communist dictatorship.

    That the secret police in Sovjet was 80 percent jews can be confirmed by many jewish-only sources that none can debunk. The fact that jews were the secret police in Sovjet from 1917 to 1991 can’t be refuted by any thinking person. This fact is simply irrefutable.

    The question is: Can you understand that communism is all about jews taking control of the state? lf you can you understand by now that the jews was in total control of the Sovjet state. Sovjet was run lock, stock and barrel by jews. Lenin, Stalin and all the non-jews in the Sovjet state was just jewish puppets the jew posted up to con the whole world from understanding that jews was in total control of the Sovjet state 1917 to 1991.

    Now we have established the fact that jews was in total control of the Sovjet state so what now? One down and 199 states to go, so what would you do now as a jew that want control all the 200 states of the world?

    What l would do, and what the jews did, was that they turned Sovjet into one big weapon factory. lf you are going to conquer the world you must have guns and ammo. lf you look at the weapons that was made in Sovjet they all had one thing in common, they were all designed to work under the harshest conditions used by uneducated and untrained people. The kind of weapon you need in the 3-world.

    Sovjet 1917 to 1991 was nothing but jewish imperialism. Whatever the jews that controlled the Sovjet state did, it was all about expanding the Sovjet state and take control of all the other 199 states. To take control of the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (the size of the State Main, USA) was very easy. All you have to do is show up with some few tanks. But you want Africa and South-America, too, and than you need easy to use light weapons like Kalashnikov.

    Everything that you ever was told about Sovjet is a lie and one of the major lies is that Sovjet communism was a classless society. Sovjet had five distinct classes.

    On top was the new elite, the jews that was members of the communist party, the card-carrying jews. Under that you have the jews that was not members in the communist party. Next was the religious jews. They were accepted but just. Then came the non-jews that were members of the communist party, and then on the bottom came the non-jews that was not a member of the communist party.

    The elite in any country at any time and no matter the condition for the people will always have good living standards. The jews that were in control of the Sovjet state couldn’t care less if the Russian people were starving, had no home and had no shoes. All the Sovjet jews cared about was expanding their empire and for that they needed guns and ammo, hence they turned Sovjet into one big weapons factory.

    The Bolshevik-Menshevik ”conflict” is just more jewish Marxist-Leninist bullshit. What it was all about was jewish gang wars. But whatever the jews disagree on, they all have one thing in common: How do we take control of the state? Zionism and communism is jewish gang war.

    The Communist jew gang said: We take control of the Russian state, rename it Sovjet and from there we take control of all the 200 states. The zionist jew gang said: We take control of the American state and from there we counqer the 200 states of the world.

    Zionism and Communism are twins and they are both jewish frauds. Zionism is exactly the same con as communism: How do we get the stupid and ignorant non-jews to help us take control of the state?

    If you want to control the 200 states of the world you start with taking control of the biggest countries, the smaller ones you take later. There are two major jewish gangs, zionist and communist jew gang and the jew zionist gang took control of the American state starting at the same time as the communist gang started to work on taking control of the russian state.

    The American state is the year 2009 totally controlled by the zionist jew gang. The jews are in total control of the American state and what the jews Always do when they take control of the state is that they start kicking out their useful Idiots that helped them take control of the state, the stupid and ignorant zionist-communist non-jews. Communist or zionist non-jew = Useful Idiot to take control of the state. will explain it all and how the jews do it.

    America and Sovjet is in fact the same thing - jewish imperialism. The communist jew gang didn’t make it, but it doesn’t matter because the zionist jew gang is still working on to conquer the 200 states of the world, and what the communist jew gang will do is exactly the same thing as the Menshevik jew gang did in Sovjet, they just go over to the winning jew gang. Then it was the Bolshevik jew gang that was on top, now it’s the zionist jew gang.

    You can call it whatever you want, all the jews care about is to control your state - without you understanding that jews control your state. The jewish conspiracy is about taking control of the biggest states there are and make them fight the jews proxy wars to take control of all the 200 states in the world.

    What is American imperialism all about? Taking control of all the states in the world and who is controlling the American state? The jews and what did l tell you the jews want? America is just what Sovjet was, a jewish proxy war machine.

    How the jews destroy your country? The jews promote racemixing, jewish codeword ”Multiculti”. The more the jews control your state, the more racemixing-propaganda, in essence the more you hear the jewish codewords, MULTICULTI, DIVERSITY, HOMO-SEX IS NATURAL, WE MUST HAVE MASS INVASION FROM ALL THE 3-WORLD COUNTRIES etc a day, the more your state is controlled by the jews.

    Every single paper, TV and radio in the whole western world is promoting MULTICULTI etc 24-7.

    What did the jews in Sovjet do? Mixing people. Chinese to Tibet, Russians into Estonia, Ukrainians to Siberia and so on. What is mass invasion from all 3-world countries doing to your state?

  • TalmudTimmy July 27, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

    A named John Gray is an official member of What makes this man interesting is his connection with Mossad agent and “Saudi” arms dealer Adnan Kashoggi.

    What makes Adnan Kashoggi interesting was his investment in a company called Genesis Intermedia. Could Alex Jones and Genesis Communications Network all be connected in some way?

    “From their base in Tampa Florida, Khashoggi and El Batrawi controlled a network of companies, all using the word “Genesis” in their name. The number of Khashoggi-owned Genesis companies we’ve found keeps growing. There is, or was, Genesis Aviation, Inc., Genesis Aviation II, Genesis Diversified Investments, Genesis Studio and Production Corp., Genesis Media Group, Genesis Properties, Genesis Intermedia;; Genesis Delaware; Genesis Florida… The list, it do go on. And on.”

    And then there’s the Genesis Communications Network. There’s actually two of them, seemingly unrelated, but they’re so extremely similar in the fraud department to each other and to “Saudi Genesis” that the relationship appears strongly familial. We’re still uncertain as to how close they all are; kissing cousins, at the very least.

    The first GCN is a so-called “patriot” network hosting Alex Jones and Dave Van Kliest, the, ah, the individual fronting for the latest See the Flash extravaganza, advertisements for which are spamming the Internet at a rate that must be causing concern among conservationists of our digital landscape of ‘1’s and ‘ 0’s.’

    VanKliest is our pick for Disinfotainer of the Year… an especial honor, considering that there was some fierce competition. Of course, “See the Flash Dave” from the powerhour, like Alex Jones, is part of the GENESIS Communications Network.”

    - Michael Hopsicker, MadCow Morning News

    How do we know that Kashoggi is Mossad? Because former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky said so. Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman, who wrote “Every Spy A Prince,” also confirm that Kashoggi is a Mossad agent, posing as a regular Saudi.

    Alex Jones actually brought Kashoggi up on one of his shows and tried to downplay it and the Genesis Intermedia connection.

    “No wonder Michael Hopsicker is always getting sued” - Alex Jones

    Here are some quotes from Ostrovsky on the Kashoggi Mossad deal:

    “Through its relationship with Saudi Arabian billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, who had been recruited as an agent, the Mossad knew another Saudi who was a legitimate European arms dealer. He had the rights to supply Uzis and other weapons to the private market in Europe.

    “The plan was to get Khashoggi’s friend to provide the necessary U.S.-made arms to fill Arafat’s order. They would, of course, be presented as having been stolen from various stockpiles at European military bases.”

    page 258-259 “By Way of Deception” - Victor Ostrovsky

    “And so, with Arafat’s shopping list in hand, the Mossad went to Khashoggi’s Saudi dealer friend to fill the order. Aloony, a military man, was told he would be responsible for checking the equipment and making sure it was sealed for delivery to Lebanon.

    “The weapons were brought by truck to Hamburg. The Mossad didn’t tell the Germans. But if we had happened to meet them, we would have explained.”
    page 260 “By Way of Deception” - Victor Ostrovsky

    “To say that John Gray is in business with Adnan Khashoggi doesnÌt portray the relationship in quite the right light,” stated another observer, asking to remain anonymous. “Khashoggi owns John Gray. He bought his whole Mars-Venus shtick, his company, and now Gray works for him.”

    In order to try and sort these conflicting stories out for myself, I set about seeing what I could find out about Gray and Khashoggi. As it turns out, it didn’t take long to collect a large amount of information from the variety of legal complaints and other official documents from GENI-related court cases that are available on the web.

    After carefully sifting through these, I found what I think is more than sufficient documentation to counter the claims by Ruppert, Zwicker, and others that Gray was an innocent victim with no real connection to Khashoggi. Instead, the connection appears to be quite real, and obviously a matter of serious concern.

    Concerning Hopsicker’s work, there are some claims for which I am not personally aware of any direct evidence for, and these are Hopsicker’s claims alone. Among these are: a) that Gray is currently ‘working for’ Adnan Khashoggi or serving as a money conduit. b) that Gray is controlling any aspect of 911truth, the Toronoto Inquiry, etc. c) that anyone working with Gray is operating on bad intentions.

    I am also not aware of any GENI-related case where Gray is named as a defendant (but also, I did not read all of the court complaints, of which there are quite a few).

    I won’t get into speculations about what Gray is or isn’t doing and what his agenda is, which I don’t have any specific knowledge for. But I can say that I think his background stinks to high heaven. There have been some complaints that Hopsicker was not fair in the way he has portrayed the role of the organizers of the Toronto conference, which I can’t comment on either way given that I don’t have the relevant inside knowledge, but I have found little reason to doubt what he has to say concerning Gray and Khashoggi themselves.

    The following is an edited version of a post I made to the 911TruthAlliance list in mid-July of this year (note: if any of the links are no longer active, I can provide archived versions of these pages upon request):

    [21 July 2004]

    The story we have on the table about Gray’s past run-in with the GenesisIntermedia (GENI) fiasco and Khashoggi goes something like this:

    Gray hooked up with Genesis early on and made a deal with them to develop and market a video & audio product line based on his books. Then, years later, international con-man Khashoggi moved in on Genesis, and more or less hijacked the company late in the game, running various scams manipulating the company’s stock and victimizing many including Gray, who lost a lot of money though all this, including his sale of his Genesis stock to Khashoggi (whom he apparently never even met).

    Now this really seems to put everything in the clear, but actually it’s not the whole story. As a kind of litmus test for how this matter is being handled by Gray’s defenders, I have been waiting for someone to mention a certain name: Ramy El-Batrawi and explain his role. But no one has. And I find this the most perturbing part yet, because it is El-Batrawi who was the lynchpin and connector between Genesis and Khashoggi.

    Who is El-Batrawi? he is a long-time business partner and friend of Khashoggi. The two first worked together in 1988, and had already done several business deals together when El-Batrawi formed Genesis in 1993. He was with the company from its inception and served as its chairman and CEO from 1993 until 2001 when he stepped down as a result of the stock scandal.

    GenesisIntermedia Chief Executive Ramy El-Batrawi told Bloomberg News that he has worked with Kashoggi on deals dating back to 1988 and speaks with him “almost every day.”


  • KathJuliane July 28, 2009 @ 11:51 pm

    Greetings in the Lord, Talmud Timmy:

    Take a look at this site “Oathkeepers” which started up in March, and, if you would, give RZN family an opinion on it. To me it looks like the real deal.

    Not On Our Watch: Orders We Will Not Obey

    “The time is now near at hand which must probably determine, whether Americans are to be, Freemen, or Slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their Houses, and Farms, are to be pillaged and destroyed, and they consigned to a State of Wretchedness from which no human efforts will probably deliver them. The fate of unborn Millions will now depend, under God, on the Courage and Conduct of this army” — Gen. George Washington, to his troops before the battle of Long Island

    Such a time is near at hand again. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the Courage and Conduct of this Army — and this Marine Corps, This Air Force, This Navy and the National Guard and police units of these sovereign states.

    Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, peace officers, fire-fighters, and veterans who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic … and meant it.
    Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and that oath will be kept. We won’t “just follow orders.”

    Below is our declaration of orders we will NOT obey because we will consider them unconstitutional (and thus unlawful) and immoral violations of the natural rights of the people. Such orders would be acts of war against the American people by their own government, and thus acts of treason. We will not make war against our own people. We will not commit treason. We will defend the Republic.

    Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey

    Recognizing that we each swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and affirming that we are guardians of the Republic, of the principles in our Declaration of Independence, and of the rights of our people, we affirm and declare the following:

    1. We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people.

    2. We will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers, or effects — such as warrantless house-to house searches for weapons or persons.

    3. We will NOT obey any order to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to trial by military tribunal.

    4. We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state, or to enter with force into a state, without the express consent and invitation of that state’s legislature and governor.

    5. We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty and declares the national government to be in violation of the compact by which that state entered the Union.

    6. We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

    7. We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

    8. We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control” during any emergency, or under any other pretext. We will consider such use of foreign troops against our people to be an invasion and an act of war.

    9. We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies, under any emergency pretext whatsoever.

    10. We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.

    There would have been no American Revolution without fiery speakers and writers such as James Otis, Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and Sam Adams “setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

    Tyrants know that the pen of a man such as Thomas Paine can cause them more damage than entire armies, and thus they always seek to suppress the natural rights of speech, association, and assembly. Without freedom of speech, the people will have no recourse but to arms. Without freedom of speech and conscience, there is no freedom.

    Therefore, we will not obey or support any orders to suppress or violate the right of the people to speak, associate, worship, assemble, communicate, or petition government for the redress of grievances.

    — And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually affirm our oath and pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor. Oath Keepers

    The above list is not exhaustive but we do consider them to be clear tripwires – they form our “line in the sand,” and if we receive such orders, we will not obey them. Further, we will know that the time for another American Revolution is nigh.

    If you the people decide that you have no recourse, and such a revolution comes, at that time, not only will we NOT fire upon our fellow Americans who righteously resist such egregious violations of their God given rights, we will join them in fighting against those who dare attempt to enslave them.

    NOTE: please also read our Principles of Our Republic We Are Sworn to Defend

  • Paul Isaac (NYsentinel) August 10, 2009 @ 6:28 pm


    Dan Wallace was the son of Lt. Robert Wallace, a NYC firefighter who perished in the 911 attacks. Dan realized that the story the government gave his family was fraudulent. He became an ardent 911 Truth Activist, a powerful speaker, and a leader in the fight to expose the lies and bring his father’s killers to justice. Dan vowed not to stop until the end, but it was an end that came much too soon for this brave and noble young hero.

    The film “Dedicated” was made with Dan Wallace, and was made for Dan Wallace well before he was taken from us. This is a tribute to one who has fallen and who leads us still.

    I only wished Danny could have seen how these people turn things around and use people. Danny was a smart kid and very reasonable to talk to, and he will sit and listen to someone side to a story in a debate. But when he called me to look at the Loose Change video, I some what believed in some of it, but that was because I had no clue about anything Loose Change was telling me, so I kept an open mind and did some research of my own.

    I also told Danny about my doubts but he seemed so caught up in this “Movement for Truth” he was almost blind to it. It was like they told him what to think and when you are always with someone (this someone was Luke) that tells you how to think, and always has something to say about what experts say, I guess you can be blinded.

    To me, Danny just wanted the truth and the answer to why his father died. But he got caught up in these theories instead and was steered away from the truth and blinded by these people.

    As far as how Danny died, the police did say it was natural. What out family was told by the autopsy was because of the overdose of unknown pills, sleeping pills, or downer pills. Our family is not sure of what kind of pills he took, but because of a combination of that and his heart disease which we were unaware of until his death, that is what caused his death. Heart disease and taking those pills.

    His girl friend Sabrina Rivera was with him the night he died. She is heavily into the movement.

    I do not know the full story of what happened to my nephew; but from what we, my family, were told by Danny’s girl friend Sabrina Rivera (what I am about to tell you I am still so confused about because her story changed so much into what happened or what he or she did that night, only Sabrina Rivera really knows).

    Version 1: Danny stayed over at her house that night in Queens and was having trouble breathing. Sabrina Rivera thought nothing of it, and just let him sleep, and in the morning she found him very blue and called 911.

    Version 2: Danny was having trouble sleeping so he took some sleeping pills. He was having trouble breathing. Sabrina Rivera thought nothing of it, so in the morning when she woke she found him blue and not breathing.

    Version 3: Sabrina Rivera and Danny had just got back from a party and Danny had bought the pills at the party from someone, took them to help him fall asleep. He took 1, then said “These pills aren’t working,” so took about 15 or some stupid amount of these pills; and later that night was having trouble breathing. Sabrina Rivera waited ’til morning when she woke and saw he was blue and not breathing.

    Version 4: Danny had bought these pills from this kid, and Sabrina Rivera is unsure how many pills he took, or what kind they were, but the pills had some numbers on it. In the morning she found him blue and not breathing.

    Now after his death our friends were telling all different kind of things that Sabrina Rivera had told them what happened. These were the versions I heard had happened. So many things went in my mind — theories. I wanted to put blame but I don’t know the truth. I do know she knows more to what happened then she was telling us.

    But she loved Danny, and Danny loved her, she went out with Danny for years. I believe it was 7 or 8 years they have been seeing each other. What really kills me though, I hear now she is currently with this Luke kid the one that was suppose to be Danny’s newly found best friend who dragged him into the truth911 movement! I am so outraged by this, but I keep quiet because of my family.

    Our family is together as a whole, but Danny’s mother and my mother (Danny’s grandmother) wants to believe in truth911 movement because Danny believed in it so much as they see it. To me, he was almost brain-washed and being feed misinformation by them. But they are mothers, what are they suppose to do?

    Shortly after Danny’s death, Dan was suppose to do a speech for the truth911 in Las Vegas, but because of his death his mother went there to speak for Danny.

    Also what got me, was when Danny was alive the truth 911 was telling Danny they will be making a movie about all of this, and he was going to be in the movie. It really seemed to me like they used Dan. Their videos on you tube of Dan really shows it. They used Danny and his father’s name so they can push their own ideas on people.

    It is not a movement for truth, but a movement for their thoughts and propaganda to be pushed on victims of 911 and the American people.

    You know what really ps me off about this? It’s not that Luke lied about Dan’s death or Infowars is using a corpse for their gains, but that I am completely unshocked by this entire situation. I’ve been dealing with these psychos for over a year and seen their tactics. This does not surprise me.

    A few weeks after this turbulent meeting Dan Wallace died (or was killed) and “We Are Change” initiated when Luke and Les Jamieson, the leader of 9/11 “Truth” parted ways.

    Suijuris InfoWarrior: 9/11 A Legal Holiday?

    Jul 9, 2008 .. Sabrina A. Rivera Treasurer – Founder

    Rivera, Sabrina – Email, Address, Phone number, everything …Jun 17, 2009 .. Sabrina Rivera: Luke Rudkowski’s GF ! “Americans want to throw off that ideological .. -Options

    “The 9/11 Movement in NYC is really strong, both in this group, and in the other important group, We Are Change. I’m active with both groups, as a part of laying the groundwork for planning the big 9/11/09 conference, “Real Change and Transparency.”

    –Les Jamieson
    National Coordinator
    NYC Ballot Initiative / NYCCAN

  • Robert September 19, 2009 @ 11:58 am

    First I want to say I do not dislike Jewish people. The twelve apostles were all of Jewish ancestry. So was Abraham and Moses and all the prophets of the Old Testament…

    Upon honest examination, it becomes apparent that the Agenda of Alex Jones is squarely political. Claiming to be Christian is put forth only to advance this agenda, while the sayings of Christ are cast aside and opposed.

    For instance Jesus told us , “resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

    He also says…

    Jhn 18:36 “My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.”

    .… But Alex’s political goals ARE of this world, and his hope is not in the kingdom of God. He encourages his followers to buy weapons and advertises training courses in order to physically resist the powers that be at the appointed time. Jesus tells us, “But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth;…and the ruin of that house was great.”

    Although this physical resistance may put forth some challenge to the powers that be, largely in the US and Britain, this is in accord with the Zionist agenda, binging these overbearing powers down to size, making a true New World Order in their hands easily attainable. It is as the Scripture says..

    Rev 13:3 “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.”

    . All political movements WILL without fail collapse, The actual New World Order to have it’s first life breathed into it and will continue for a short period after suffering this wound. Such fools. God has them where they belong. Without Him, though they profess to be wise, they are truly lost. The capitol of the New World Order is to be in Jerusalem, even as stated by the first prime minister of Israel. (LOOK magazine, January 16,1962.)

    The dire situation we find ourselves in today is one of a sick spiritual state, which began largely in the 60’s with the so called “new morality”. In 1962 prayer was ordered to be taken out of the public school system. In 1963 all Bible reading was banned, on the grounds it would do injury to children’s minds.

    An even greater onslaught of satanic propaganda was yet coming. Graphs done of all social phenomena, such as divorce, teenage pregnancy, violent crime, drug abuse, suicide, STD’s, etc., remain very stable thoughout the history of the USA for example. But something changed drastically and dramatically in the mid and late 1960’s. Suddenly, all these social phenomena and ills, rose at a drastic and alarming rate, sometimes fivefold in a very short period of time.

    The Jewish Carl Marx and his partner Engels wrote that the quickest way to destroy a society was to destroy it’s morality, with teachings of “free love” etc, paving the way for an easy Communist takeover.

    For hundreds of years the divorce rate crime rate, ect was a stable %, until the 60’s when it shot up to new heights. In 1967 the 6 Day War gave Jerusalem into the hands of the Jewish Zionists and they were feeling their strength.

    The Zionist controlled media and education system in the USA began pumping our brains with this so called new morality. 1967 was also “called” the summer of love. Free love was advertised and put before our eyes as a tempting prospect, and homosexuality was now permitted and even encouraged for the first time in US history.

    Yes, The USA was changing from a “Christian nation” into a nation who rejects God and suffers the consequences. With free love there was no more love, or faithfulness and trust, causing the divorce rate to skyrocket. Men became mistrustful of one another, not knowing who was “gay” and who was not…We were spooked. Everything was getting strange and changed at this time; our nation was being destroyed.

    This sick and blind spiritual condition is what has also allowed the political entity who rules us to perform lies and deception at an unprecedented scale also. Beginning with the assasination of JFK,also in the 60’s.

    Alex Jones is warring against a symptom while allowing the disease to spread. He says that homosexuals are a-OK as long as they profess to oppose the present plans of what is presented as “The New World Order.” But the true center of the NEW World Order who’s capitol will be in Jerusalem, continues on, and even thrives in this political discord and deception. It is all part of the plan.

    As the logo for the Mossad says — “By means of deception thou shalt do war.” Also as it is written in the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, Protocol No. 15 states…”until we come into our kingdom, we shall act in the contrary way: we will create and multiply free Masonic lodges in all the countries of the world … .

    We will put all these lodges under a central administration known only to us … . Between the members of these lodges will be almost all the international and national police agents and will fall under our guiding hands…We know the final goal…whereas the goyim have knowledge of nothing…” (4 ) GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects.”

    These lodges would be the fools to take the blame when the evil is exposed, as is happening now. Satan’s followers, though thinking they are so enlightened and smart, are all fools; who through their own greed, have fallen for the Devil’s lies and deception. Even those Jewish Zionists who still remain largely hidden until now, and think they are so smart and above exposure, will in time be completely exposed, bringing in their swift destruction.

    Revelation 17:16 says “…and the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.”

    Those who teach against homosexuality are labeled homophobes, which makes even less sense than calling those who disagree with Obama, “racist”. It is like watching some fool with a snake in his hand sticking it in people faces and saying you are afraid of my snake, aren’t you? What an assinine fool.

    I have heard many say that Alex Jones is a Zionist agent. I haven’t heard any accusing him of being a Vatican agent or scientologist as he claims. He focuses in on groups like the CFR and on families like the Rockefellars while never mentioning that one half of all of the currency in existence is possesed by the Jewish Rothschild family.

    (…/rothschildsa-8211-the-hidden-hand )

    While claiming God’s protection, it is obvious he has the backing and protection of some sort.

    While bringing many accusations against others he threatens to sue anyone who criticizes him. His anger feeds on itself and appears to be uncontrollable as was the anger of Cain, who murdered his righteous brother in a fit of unrighteous rage.

    One begins to seriously wonder about the true agenda of Alex Jones…

  • Darth E. Vader October 1, 2009 @ 10:53 pm

    Is Alex affiliated with the Bronfman’s? Is he a crypto-zionist or zionist shill? As for me, I can only say that Alex has done a lot to expose the NWO, incl. Zionism. He puts on Ted Pike, Texe Marrs, and even had Michael Hoffman on his show — all of whom zero-in on Zionism.

    Also, Alex has stated several plausible reasons — some might say pretexts — as to why he doesn’t harp on the Judaic or Zionist aspect of the NWO, which is arguably the heart of the conspiracy:

    1) first, they will take him out if he does, i.e., in one way or another, they will destroy him and his ability to reach people, which, whatever one might think, does fit in with the ZOG theory of the NWO. As for me, I think that’s a legitimate point, not an idle excuse or pretext.

    2) Alex says, quite rightly, that focusing too much on the Jewish aspect is counter-productive in that, first, it galvanizes the the opposition, which is to say, it is exactly what the Rabbis want because, according to their own teachings, only persecution can unite the Jewish people, so to their way of thinking, persecution is absolutely necessary.

    3) Alex, like most Americans, isn’t in any sense a racist (unless you accept the theory that he’s a Marrano Talmudic Jew), and like most Americans, he prides himself on the fact that he’s not racist, so he doesn’t want to seem racist, nor would he wish to cause any persecution or harm to come to innocent Jewish people. On that Alex is in tune not only with his audience, incl. myself, but in tune with the vast majority of Americans.

    Even if we were certain the Mossad was behind 9-11, still we would not want to cause anybody but the small group of criminals involved to go to jail.

    That said, some say his wife is Jewish, as though that, in itself, means anything. It doesn’t mean a thing necessarily, and it’s pefectly legit and right that he should want to protect his family.

    Even so, even though Alex has stood up bravely to tyrants, incl. Rabbi Spivack, Jewish supremacists, I have to admit that I have wondered myself about whether Alex is not a crypto-Talmudist. But then again, I wonder about a lot of things that I don’t very seriously entertain.

    I can’t read his mind or peer into his soul. So, lacking sufficent evidence of any wrongdoing, apart from some stupendously stupid things he’s said, e.g., that Arabs control Hollywood, I will suspend judgement unless or until some smoking gun evidence is put forth — and none has been put forth, yet.

  • scottbuster2000 January 16, 2010 @ 4:58 pm

    There are 4 major religions - Christianity [2.2 billion], Islam [1.66 billion], Hinduism [1.4 billion], Buddhism [0.5 billion] when it comes down to numbers and REAL power [HUMAN PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY].

    You add the fifth Judaism [18 million = 13.3 million Jews/4.7 non-Jewish followers] ONLY on the basis of Political Power and monetary Influence Not REAL Power.

    If the members of the 4 main faiths only realize that much of the so-called Influence of the Jews and the Elites is really just smoke and mirrors and not REAL power they could take this world back and crush the N.W.O.

    Take Goldman Sachs/A.I.G. as an one example, both are insurance co. NOT Banks and yet over the years they have evolved into Banks How? Power and Influence over politicians.

    The American people who have lost their houses and now live in Tent Cities should still be in their houses even if they can’t afford their mortgage. How can this be you say? They lost their houses to Goldman Sachs/A.I.G and others via the classic game of smoke and mirrors.

    When you take out a mortgage with any bank it is you that hold the REAL power not the bank [They will never let you know this by the way]. In fact the bank openly commits fraud in their loan agreement with you.

    How? The basis of all mortgage contracts are that you will pay your homeowner’s loan, the mortgage + interest over a certain life period of the loan. If you fail to do so then you forfeit
    and possiblely lose you house. But has anyone told the homowner that the bank promises to cover the market value of the house WITH MONEY THEY DO NOT HAVE?

    Do you get that? The bank after approving your loan basically enters numbers into a computer [Like this] 0 000 under your name but does NOT have the cash value of 0 000 to back it up.

    You the person are the only true power, not the bank or it’s backers but YOU. In your mortgage contract only you have a productive capacity not the bank. You work at a job and earn money and over the life of the loan this actual money, not numbers in a computer but cash, pays off your debt.

    Smoke and Mirrors not REAL power. The general public is basically financially illiterate with their P.H.D.’s that for the most part count for nothing.

    Do the Jews lead by the Rothschild Family [Real German Name Bauer Meaning Peasant]
    hold too much power in finance, education and the mass media? Yes.

    It it REAL power? NO.

    Do the Christain elite lead by the Protestant Rockefeller Family hold too much power in finance, education and the mass media? Yes.

    It it REAL power? NO.

    The 15 thousand members of the Illuminatus/Zionist/Elite royal bloodlines etc. hold power via their bag of parlor tricks and nothing more. Noone has ever achieved anything on a large scale without the will of the people.

    No war has been won, No highway built, no invention has ever been created.

    Remember an idea come from the individual but it’s consummation rests upon the productive capacity and expression of the many.

  • Paul Isaac Jr June 1, 2010 @ 8:32 am

    If Osama Bin Laden walked into the [Brooklyn Public] library I’m convinced that Ginnie and friends would not call the police. They would be more concerned about his intellectual freedom. The best one word description I heard describing her [Ginnie Cooper]: COMPULSIVE.                                     

    Posted by: former BPL employee | June 17, 2006 9:36 AM

    What Lucy Gertner had to say is real cause for alarm.

    When I was there, there was a particular librarian with multiple offenses. At the Clinton Hill branch, he had a fight with a supervisor using expletives and was transferred to the Flatlands branch. There he had another fight with his supervisor and also maliciously ran up a co-workers credit card when she left her computer for a moment.

    He also praised the 9/11 attacks. He was then transferred to another branch where, after about a year, he harassed a Kingsborough Community College employee using the library’s phone. As a constant repeat offender, he only received a 5 day suspension and transfer to the Highlawn branch for this.

    It’s a real outrage that Lucy was given an 8 day suspension for simply trying to protect a collection. This shows what abominants that Cooper, Kinney, Jennings, and the rest of the Grand Army Plaza 3rd floor vermin are.

    Also, there was a popular, well-liked Training Manager who was called up to serve in Iraq. Cooper knifed him in the back while he was serving and eliminated his position.      Posted by: Concerned | June 23, 2006 10:06 AM

    Janet Kinney and Ginnie Cooper were responsible for the lack of security in the library. We attended a meeting on our Unattended Child Policy and we were told that if we saw a seven year old child in the library wandering on his own during school hours we should not ask the child why he is there because that child might be home schooled.

    In my years of working in the library I have never been told such crap. New York City has laws about truant children, not to mention child welfare laws. I could not believe what I was hearing. Thought what they were saying was not in our policy the head of security along with several others in charge were telling us to condone this nonsense.

    Security officers were asked to allow unruly child to stay in the library and disrupt the library. Since the new heads of security has taken over security there has been no security. Our best officers have quit or have been fired for ridiculous things like taking sick days that are legally given to them under our city contract and union laws.

    The library has gotten wilder and though the patrons complained and Janet Kinney and Ginnie Cooper did nothing. The staff was asked to attend a mandatory workshop called “Creating Safer Libraries. In this workshop we were basically being trained to handle issues that would normally be handled by security.

    One colleague followed the Creating Safer Libraries procedure and got her finger cut off, and administration told her it was her own fault.  

    Guess what we are not a security guards, babysitter or social workers, we are libraries.  I hope that our Board of Trustees learns from their mistakes. And I pray that Washington puts their foot down and doesn’t allow Ginnie Cooper to disrespect you like she did Brooklyn.    

    Posted by: Soon to be a former BPLer | June 30, 2006 5:37

    I’d just also like mention that a few years ago, not long after Sept. 11 there was an incident at a branch library when a customer asked reference staff probing questions about Pres. Bush’s parade route (he was visiting New York).

    The staff were concerned and called Security who then called the police. The individual was arrested and taken in for questioning and later released. Ginnie was upset about this and later developed Intellectual Freedom Training for the entire staff.

    Among the items covered was public computers and accessing pornography. Many of us were disturbed by the outcome: BPL instructed us to allow patrons to access pornography; according to them it was their intellectual right.

    When we asked about children accessing pornography we were told to discourage it but that we shouldn’t actually tell them they couldn’t access it via the internet. That was also (to their way of thinking) their right, even though they were underage. Since then library computers have been filtered but it is still not impossible to do pornography. People even send it to themselves via email.

    If Ginnie feels that pornography is o.k. in a library setting, then why not just order XXX DVDs. By not ordering them you are censoring according to their philosophy. I know that most patrons, esp. parents do not think like this.                                                         

    Posted by: former BPL employee | June 3, 2006 9:55 AM

    (Paul Isaac Jr-NYsentinel at Large)

  • REBORN PRINCE OUTSPOKEN June 28, 2011 @ 7:34 pm

    It is a pleasure to find a true Christian Jewish, Brother Nathanael.

    And knowing that the greatest deception, portrayed to the United States amongst many is the false doctrine that is preached from the same bull pulpit that preaches the salvation of the cross, by having indoctrinated the American masses, that the Jewish people are the “chosen ones.

    Thus immediately castrating the word of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST with a lie, and since most unbelievers and even believers don’t bother to even trust our Creator to teach us through the power of the HOLY SPIRIT that the reason of our LORD JESUS’ COMING was so that we would have no need to trust another man for guidance, since the Spirit was given to guide us unto all truth.

    And as JESUS SAID, HIS PEOPLE WERE BEING DESTROYED BECAUSE OF IGNORANCE OF HIS WORD. I can understand someone that has not repented and accepted CHRIST as their personal Saviour to be afraid to confront the evil doer with the truth, because of fear of reprisal from OUR CREATOR AS IT HAD BEEN DONE IN THE OLD TESTAMENT, WHEN THE JEWISH PEOPLE WERE UNDER SUBMISSION TO OUR LORD.

    So the lack of understanding is that our LORD’S rejection and divorcement of his people due to rebellion, and the reason for a New Testament is to adopt non-Jews as new sons and daughters, making the Christians as the chosen people.

    That is the true root of the message that should be BOLDLY PREACHED FROM THE ROOF TOPS, in order to counterfoil the lie of Satan with the TRUTH — OUR CREATOR KNOWS HIS CHILDREN, AND ALSO KNOWS Satan’s kids.

    So lets stop fighting the Zionists with the weapons they choose for us, and fight fire with the fire of the HOLY SPIRIT, WHICH IS THE TRUTH AS WHO ARE THE REAL CHILDREN OF GOD AND JESUS ON THE CROSS. AMEN.

    Brother Nathanael, I have learned to live with 5.00 dollars per month, and our Lord when he sent his disciples out to witness and testify, He commanded them not to take a thing with them, that those who would open their doors to let them in.

    THEN CHRIST AND OUR HEAVENLY FATHER would go in with the disciple, but when the doors would not open for the disciple, neither OUR HEAVENLY FATHER NOR HIS SON JESUS CHRIST WOULD GO IN.



  • Thomas Blankenhorn December 12, 2012 @ 10:44 am

    Thanks for uncovering this about Jones.

    Trying to simply survive is getting tougher and tougher. Jews are into all things related to money and yet our bank interest is stripped away.

    I was counting on this one thing to help me through my advanced years as what are we to do, store it at home?

    I do not believe in buying commodities since I view it as just a battle with others in trying to get a financial advantage over another - commodities in my opinion need to be bought and sold only by primary dealers who normally buy or sell, and I don’t even believe in this fabricated futures market for hedging as it’s just another money game presumably constructed by Jews.

    So I felt I would only try to recover a little of my loss in bank interest by being in the stock market as I understand if I concentrate and work along the Jew manipulation up and down I could if at my computer all day capture a SMALL AMOUNT of financial advantage (I admit what it is but my intention is key!), but only to a negligible degree as I have no intention to be greedy in obtaining any more than what I am losing from not getting bank interest that Bernanke took away.

    Well, I know market valuations too well and know how bad our country’s economy is so to be CLEARLY on the correct side of fair value, it dictates shorting the pig market. So what happens? I lose half my money and it’s an outright struggle every single day hoping the market can fall a bit but it rarely ever happens.

    This world controlled by Jews in all the financial sectors is intense.

    Right now is well beyond any manipulation ever conducted. And I was out of the market, hoping to be out forever in 2008 as I got back almost what I lost in 2000 when I first got in as I was pretty much pushed in it by a girlfriend comparing me to her.

    SO you see, I put my money where my mouth is and I learned I could do it so well that even in the beginning of 2008 I was making money going long while prices fell….however I said enough is enough and I was content to not be in this JEW-SATAN GAME - no matter if I could continue making money in this way because I view it as an UNGODLY WAY TO MAKE MONEY–the money we make by OUR OWN HANDS is what is meaningful!

    It’s only that Bernanke messed me up so much I felt I had to regain a bit of what was taken from me.

    I hope everyone can see my intention of not trying to be greedy in this, for I believe my mind is right in this, and I never want to be rich, just live on of food a month and spend way less than 0 on all expenses beyond housing per month…but look who is pushing inflation on us, removing bank interest from us, and none of it actually helps the economy.

    QE is a wealth divider! It does not stimulate the economy. We have a world workforce now and increasing productivity. The Fed is powerless in this but is screwing us over in every program it does.

    The real answers are on my site: where we compress the wealth divide, allowing house prices to fall to reasonable ratios per income, not making profit the #1 factor in life so that the wealthy/business owners can allow others to have more of their own money, ending the Fed, cutting government and their compensation dramatically (I say 0 billion could be saved each year by simply cutting 20% of them and paying the remainder at the level of the private sector).

    And then we would be able to lower the legal workweek as WE SHOULD from human advancements, not sticking to a 40-hour workweek as if it’s set in stone.

    To many people, they lack the acumen to understand how this would help and I feel sorry they lack critical thinking skills to comprehend.

    But those who do understand, they need to help me help this world in pushing these concepts on members of Congress if we are ever to recover from this financial mess…we are not in a recovery as the mainstream media is trying to brainwash the populous!!!!

    We could have a prosperous life, all of all, and not one of riches, just one where we could not be oppressed all the time by those who want to control us in every way, especially financially.

    A word to all Americans — better cut your spending to almost zero, grow more food at home, live more persons per home.

    Evil is after us and it’s JEWS and ALL who EMBRACE the JEWISH ways!

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