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Name Birth Death Nationality Performance notes Reference
Frank Bacon January 16, 1864 November 19, 1922 American Actor and playwright, appeared in vaudeville skits and playlets. Father of Lloyd Bacon. [52]
Lloyd Bacon December 4, 1889 November 15, 1955 American Broadway actor who, following a season in vaudeville went to Hollywood where he became a director with Warner Bros. after appearing as an actor in nearly 40 films. [53]
Pearl Bailey March 29, 1918 August 17, 1990 American Singer and actress who followed vaudeville with a career onstage, on film and on TV. She garnered a Tony Award for her role on Broadway in Hello, Dolly!. [54]
Belle Baker December 25, 1893 April 29, 1957 American Baker first ventured onstage with the encouragement of actor, Jacob Adler and later, producer, Lew Leslie. Her debut in vaudeville was in Scranton, Pennsylvania at the age of 15 and she debuted in big-time vaudeville at Hammerstein's Theatre in New York in 1911. As a singer and actress, she established her name in vaudeville as "The Ragtime Singer." Baker is one of the Palace headliners who performed there numerous times. Her Palace debut was in 1913, when she sang the song, "Cohen Owes Me Ninety-Seven Dollars." Following vaudeville she appeared on Broadway and on the radio. [55][56]
Josephine Baker June 3, 1906 April 12, 1975 American Baker debuted as a chorus girl in vaudeville and in the revues Shufflin' Along, The Chocolate Dandies, and Runnin' Wild. Following that she left the US to become a dancer and singer in the cabarets and nightclubs of Paris. [57]
Phil Baker 324 August 1896 December 1, 1963 American Pianist, accordionist and comedian who began in a double act with Ben Bernie on violin. Originally a serious musical act, over time it developed comic elements. Following their split, both comedians became successful in their own right. Baker headlined at the Palace in 1930 and 1931. He later enjoyed a career on Broadway in musicals and later radio. [58][59]
Balasis family acrobatic act Acrobats performing in vaudeville, variety shows and circuses in Europe, US, and Canada from c.1900 - 1930 [60]
Nikita Balieff c. 1877 September 3, 1936 Armenian Singer, dancer, actor, monologist and impresario of the Chauve-Souris comedy troupe. [61]
Ernest Ball July 21, 1878 May 3, 1927 American Accompanist, singer and songwriter known for writing sentimental ballads, usually with Irish themes such as "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." Ball appeared at the Palace in 1923 and 1926 and died the next year in his dressing room at the Yost Theatre in Santa Ana, California while on tour with his singing group, "Ernie Ball and His Gang." [62]
Barbette December 9, 1904 August 5, 1975 American After seeing an aerialist in a circus, Vander Clyde or Van der Clyde (his real name) desired to become one. He responded to an ad in Billboard for the Alfaretta Sisters, an aerial act, who were looking for a replacement member. He began dressing as a female on their encouragement and continued to do so after leaving the act. In 1923, he traveled to Britain and then Paris, where he became the talk of the town. He toured Europe and returned to the US to continue in vaudeville. Following his stage career, Barbette continued to work with performers for various circuses. [63]


Ben Bard January 26, 1893 May 17, 1974 American Comedian, in a duo with Jack Pearl. [59]
Wilkie Bard March 19, 1870 March 5, 1944 British Comedian and singer. [66][67]
Reginald Barlow June 17, 1866 July 6, 1943 American Actor and minstrel. Appeared at the age of 9 with the minstrel troupe of Barlow, Wilson, Primrose and West. Later he became a film actor. [68]
The Barrison Sisters Swedish Five sisters who performed risqué songs and dances. The sisters were Lona, Sophia, Inger, Olga and Gertrude Barrison. [69]
Ethel Barrymore August 15, 1879 June 18, 1959 American Actress who appeared in "tab" versions of her hits in the legitimate theatre as well as one-act plays. Barrymore's debut in vaudeville was in the one-act play, Civilization by Richard Harding Davis at the Palace Theatre the week of April 28, 1913. In 1914, Barrymore toured in Drifted Apart and later toured the Oprheum circuit in J. M. Barrie's The Twelve Pound Look with a salary of 00 a week. The Twelve Pound Look played the Palace, June 1921 and in September and December 1926. [66][70][71]
John Barrymore February 14, 1882 May 29, 1942 American Actor, Appeared in a sketch called, His Wedding Morn', caused a sensation on Broadway in Justice and later for his portrayals of Hamlet and Richard III. [66][72]
Lionel Barrymore April 28, 1878 November 15, 1954 American Actor from the legitimate stage who appeared in a sketch of Bartley Campbell's play, The White Slave, with Doris Rankin. He also toured in The Still Voice in 1914. [66][72][73]
Maurice Barrymore September 21, 1849 March 26, 1905 British Actor on the "legitimate stage", Barrymore made his vaudeville debut in a one-act version of Augustus Thomas' play, A Man of the World, and headlined many other sketches. [66][72]
Charles Barton 1902 1981 American Actor. [74]
Eileen Barton November 24, 1929 June 27, 2006 American Sang "Ain't Misbehavin'" in her parents vaudeville act at the age of 2 in Kansas City, Missouri. At the age of 3½, Barton appeared at the Palace as part of Ted Healy's routine. Barton later became a noted popular music singer. [75]
James Barton November 1, 1890 February 19, 1962 American Comic dancer who made his stage debut at the age of 2. Barton appeared in vaudeville at the age of 4, working steadily in stock and repertory theatre as well. His New York stage debut was in The Passing Show of 1919 and from there on he appeared in many musicals during the 1920s, appearing in vaudeville between roles. [76][77]
Billy Barty October 25, 1924 December 23, 2000 American Diminutive, juvenile actor, Barty originally appeared in film. He appeared in vaudeville with his sisters in an act called "Billy Barty and His Sisters", where he played the drums and did impressions. Later, Barty founded two service organizations for people with dwarfism. [78]
Count Basie August 21, 1904 April 26, 1984 American Pianist, bandleader and composer. Before the age of 20, Basie was touring on the Keith circuit and later, the Columbia Burlesque and T. O. B. A. circuits as a pianist, accompanist and musical director for singers, dancers and comedians. [79][80][81]
Blanche Bates August 25, 1873 December 25, 1941 American Actress of the legitimate stage who appeared at the Palace in December 1918 in The World Mother. Additionally, she would play vaudeville houses in between engagements. Bates debuted in 1897 with Augustin Daly's company later working with David Belasco. [82][83]
Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates October 11, 1907 December 6, 1998 American Rhythm tap dancer with only one leg. [84]
Warner Baxter March 29, 1889 May 7, 1951 American Actor. Later won the 1929 Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as the Cisco Kid in the film In Old Arizona. [85]
Nora Bayes October 8, 1880 June 19, 1928 American Singer and comedian who toured with her husband, Jack Norworth from 1908 to 13. She introduced such standards as 'Shine on Harvest Moon' and Cohan's 'Over There.' [70][86]
Beverly Bayne November 11, 1894 August 18, 1982 American Actress with her husband, Francis X. Bushman. Bayne and Bushman, following successful careers in silent films, appeared at the Palace in a comedy sketch, Poor Rich Man. The couple toured vaudeville throughout the 1920s. Unable to revive her film career in the late 1920s, following her divorce from Bushman, Bayne worked the rest of her life onstage. [87][88]
George Beauchamp 1899 1941 American Violin and steel lap guitar player. Beauchamp developed the first commercially available electric guitar. [89]
George Beban 1873 October 5, 1928 American Known for his Italian characters. Beban began playing French characters but once he began working in film, he played Italian characters. His initial act involved recitation of a poem called, "Mia Rosa." Beban created a one-act play from the poem, The Sign of the Rose, in which he toured vaudeville for seven years. A full-length version, also by Beban, premiered at the Garrick Theatre in New York in 1911. Beban signed with silent film director and producer, Thomas Ince, after his work in vaudeville and appeared in a number of films including a version of The Sign of the Rose called The Alien. [90]
Martin Beck 1867 November 16, 1940 Austrian-American Actor and later one of the top vaudeville theatre owners. [92]
Digby Bell November 8, 1849 June 20, 1917 American Comic actor, Bell began his stagework as a singer, but eventually made his mark as a comedian. Bell was the leading comic in Lillian Russell's company and spent much of his later life in plays and vaudeville. [93]
Robert Benchley September 15, 1889 November 21, 1945 American Actor and monologist. [94]
Chief Bender May 3, 1883 May 22, 1954 American Former basbeball player who did an act with Kathryn Pearl called Learning the Game by George Totten Smith with music by Arthur Behim. [23]
Bennie Benjamin November 4, 1907 May 2, 1989 American Guitarist and banjo player with a number of bands, Benjamin would become a major songwriter following his work in vaude. [95]
Belle Bennett April 22, 1891 November 4, 1932 American Trapeze artist and later silent film actress, Bennett, following a career in vaudeville, entered film in 1916 and worked through the end of the age of silent films. [96]
Richard Bennett 1870 1944 American Actor who appeared in a sketch from the play The Common Man. [5]
Jack Benny February 14, 1894 December 26, 1974 American Comedian and actor, known for his comedic violin playing (a leftover from his stage routine) and for constantly presenting the idea that he is 39 years young. His radio and TV programs featured his wife Mary, comedian Don Wilson as announcer, and character actor Eddie Anderson as Benny's valet Rochester. [97]
Irving Benson January 31, 1914 May 19, 2016 American Comedian and actor known for playing Sidney Spritzer, the wise-cracking heckler of fellow vaudevillian Milton Berle, and for being a frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.[98]
Edgar Bergen February 16, 1903 September 30, 1978 American Ventrilogquist with his dummy, Charlie McCarthy. [99]
Valerie Bergere February 8, 1867 September 16, 1938 French-born American Actress, headlined in vaudeville for 17 years [100]
Sammy Berk c. 1894 1983 American Novelty dancer. [101]
Milton Berle July 12, 1908 March 27, 2002 American Comedian and actor, later known as "Mr. Television" for pulling in record numbers in TV's early days for his "Texaco Star Theater". [102]
Irving Berlin May 11, 1888 September 22, 1989 American Musician and songwriter. Known for such songs as "Alexander's Ragtime Band", "White Christmas", "Easter Parade", "There's No Business Like Show Business", and "God Bless America." [103]
Sam Bernard June 5, 1863 May 16, 1927 British Actor, "Dutch" comedian and monologist known for his German characterizations. In 1885, Bernard toured the British music hall circuit later appearing at the Palace in January 1914 and March 1926. [104]
Sarah Bernhardt October 23, 1844 March 26, 1923 French Actress, known as "The Divine Sarah" and "The First Lady of the Theater" [105]
Ben Bernie May 30, 1891 October 20, 1943 American Violinist and comedian. Had an act with Phil Baker. [106]
Joe Besser August 12, 1907 March 1, 1988 American Besser first began in show business as a song plugger and magician's assistant. He worked his way up to being a comedian and headlined with acts such as Olsen and Johnson. After appearing on radio, Besser appeared on film and was a member of the Three Stooges for two years. [107]
Amelia Bingham March 20, 1869 September 1, 1927 American Actress of the "legit" stage, Bingham appeared in vaudeville at the Palace in July 1909 in Big Moments from Great Plays, which included excerpts from six plays. Bingham was discovered by a traveling actor while she was waiting tables in her father's hotel while on break from Ohio Wesleyan University. Following her Broadway debut in 1893, Bingham was noted for her sparkling performances in comedies and melodramas. In addition to her performances, Bingham also managed the Bijou Theatre in New York beginning in 1900 and organized her own stock company. [5][108][109]
Billie Bird February 28, 1908 November 27, 2002 American Actress and comedian who was discovered in an orphanage. Bird toured with the group for some time before creating an act with another girl called, "The King Sisters" which toured the Keith-Orpheum circuit. After vaudeville began to fade, Bird toured in musicals and comedies and on the nightclub circuit. She also worked in film and on television. [110]
Harry Blackstone, Sr. September 27, 1885 November 16, 1965 American Magician. [111]
J. Stuart Blackton January 5, 1875 August 13, 1941 British-American Stage cartoonist billed as Komikal Kartoonist in an act with his friends Albert E. Smith the Komikal Konjuror and Ronald A. Reader who operated a magic lantern. [112]
Block and Sully American Husband and wife comic duo composed of Jesse Block (December 16, 1900 – March 22, 1983) and Eve Sully (1902 – August 7, 1990). [113]
Joan Blondell August 30, 1909 December 25, 1979 American Actress. She joined her parents' act at 3, leaving the act in 1926 for Broadway and later Hollywood. [114][115]
Lew Bloom August 8, 1859 December 12, 1929 American Comic monologist and "society tramp." [116][117]
Ben Blue September 12, 1901 March 7, 1975 Canadian Comedian and dancer. [116]
Ray Bolger January 10, 1904 January 15, 1987 American Dancer and actor known for his "loose-limbed, comic" dancing style. Appeared on Broadway in On Your Toes and By Jupiter. Best known film role is the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. [118][119]
Bessie Bonehill February 17, 1855 August 21, 1902 British Male impersonator, Bonehill first appeared on the American vaudeville in 1889. She worked heavily in the British music hall as well as playing the principal boy in British pantomimes. [120]
Irène Bordoni January 16, 1895 March 19, 1953 French Chanteuse and musical theatre star. Bordoni's first appeared in the chorus at the Théâtre des Variétés in Paris at the age of 13. She traveled to the US and began appearing on the vaudeville and the Broadway stages in 1912. The following year she toured the Orpheum circuit with Melville Ellis in tow as both accompanist and costume designer. From 1915 to 28, Bordoni appeared in a number of Broadway musicals but in vaudeville in her spare time. She appeared at the Palace in May and November 1927 and September 1930. After her retirement, she made occasional appearances on Broadway before dying while on tour in the musical, South Pacific. [121]
Luis Borromeo Filipino Also known as Borromeo Lou. A Filipino jazz pianist who performed at the Orpheum Circuit in the late 1910s. He returned to the Philippines in the 1920s where he popularized bodabil, a localized variant of vaudeville. [122]
Boswell Sisters American Trio of singing sisters composed of Meldania "Martha" Boswell (1905–1958), Constance Foore "Connee" Boswell (December 3, 1907 – October 11, 1976), and Helvetia George "Vet" Boswell (May 20, 1911 – 1988). [123]
Hobart Bosworth August 11, 1867 December 30, 1943 American Actor appearing in a sketch from the play Sea Wolf. Bosworth was already an accomplished stage actor having worked with the companies of McKee Rankin and Augustin Daly as well as with some of the leading ladies of the day. After contracting tuberculosis, Bosworth traveled west and became a leading man at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, where he also founded the Hobart Bosworth Institute of Dramatic Arts. He entered silent films in 1909 and created Bosworth Incorporated in order to create feature films based on the works of Jack London. In 1917, Bosworth and Ethel Grey Terry, toured in a sketch of London's Sea Wolf. [5][124]
Ray Bourbon 1893 July 19, 1971 American Female impersonator. [123]
Eddie Bracken February 7, 1915 November 14, 2002 American Actor and comedian, started in films as a child and later appeared as comic foil in numerous feature films. [125]
Hugh Bradley May 23, 1885 January 26, 1949 American Baseball player who appeared with the Boston Red Sox Quartette in 1912. The quartet included Buck O'Brien, Marty Hale and Bill Lyons. [126]
Nellie Breen c. 1898 1986 American She appeared in a double act with Lester Allen. [20]
El Brendel March 25, 1890 April 9, 1964 American Comedian. [127]
Jay Brennan December 6, 1882 January 14, 1961 American Comedian. Played the "straight man" to Bert Savoy. [54][128]
Walter Brennan July 25, 1894 September 21, 1974 American Actor. [129]
Herbert Brenon January 13, 1880 June 22, 1958 American Had a comic duo with his wife, Helen Oberg. Later he was a Hollywood screenwriter. [130]
Elizabeth Brice c. 1885 1965 American When she performed in vaudeville with Charles King they were known as Brice and King. [131][132]
Fanny Brice October 29, 1891 May 29, 1951 American Comedian and singer known for comedic songs, except for "My Man", and her portrayal of bratty Baby Snooks. The Ziegfeld Follies regular was famously portrayed by Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl and Funny Lady. [133]
Lottie Briscoe April 19, 1883 March 21, 1950 American Starred in a 1919 vaudeville skit by George Kelly entitled Mrs. Wellington's Surprise [134]
James Brockman December 8, 1886 May 22, 1967 American After beginning as a comedian in vaudeville, Brockman worked in musicals before settling in Hollywood as a songwriter. [135]
Helen Broderick August 11, 1891 September 25, 1959 American Singer-comedian who made her stage debut in the chorus of the Ziegfeld Follies of 1907. After becoming a comedian, she developed a caustic, wisecracking style and appeared in both musical comedies and vaudeville. Later Broderick worked in Hollywood. [136][137]
Harry Brooks September 20, 1895 June 22, 1970 American Pianist and songwriter. [138]
Shelton Brooks May 4, 1886 September 6, 1975 American Singer, pianist and songwriter. Many of Brooks' songs were composed for vaudeville singer, Sophie Tucker and among them, the song, "Some of These Days", which became one of Tucker's best known songs. Her 1911 recording of this song was selected in 2004 to be added to the National Recording Registry, ensuring its preservation in the Library of Congress. [139][140]
Heywood Broun December 7, 1888 December 18, 1939 American Drama critic who worked as a monologuist in vaudeville and appearing at the Palace. Broun began working for the New York Tribune in 1912 and went to serve as the drama critic for the New York World from 1921 to 1928 and also as the drama editor for Vanity Fair. [141][142]
Joe E. Brown July 28, 1892 July 6, 1973 American Comedian with the Bell Prevost Trio, Brown was often billed as "The Corkscrew Kid." Brown made his screen debut in 1928 and quickly became one of the leading comedians in Hollywood and later on television, thanks in part to his mouth and yells. Among his best known film roles is the millionaire, Osgood Fielding, in the 1959 film, Some Like It Hot. [19][143]
Nacio Herb Brown February 22, 1896 September 28, 1964 American Pianist and songwriter. Brown was accompanist to performer, Alice Doll, and toured with her on the Orpheum Circuit. Certainly one of his best known songs is "Singin' in the Rain", which he wrote with lyricist, Arthur Freed. [144][145]
Tom Brown June 3, 1888 March 25, 1958 American Trombonist and leader of Tom Brown's Band from Dixieland. Also put together the vaudeville band, the "Five Rubes" which disbanded shortly thereafter. [146][147][148]
Bothwell Browne March 7, 1877 December 12, 1947 Danish Female impersonator with a brief career; headlined at the Palace in 1919. [149]
Frank Browning 1882 1948 American Former basbeball player who was in a quartet with 3 other baseball players around 1925. The three other singers were George Crable, Tom Dillon and Kid Gleason. [33]
Peaches Browning June 23, 1910 August 23, 1956 American Actress, known best for her marriage at the age of 16 to Edward Browning, a 51-year-old real estate mogul. Shortly after their marriage, Peaches filed for divorce and her fame lead her to appear in vaudeville. [150]
Tod Browning July 12, 1880 October 6, 1962 American Actor. Later a Hollywood director who directed Dracula and Freaks. [151]
Brox Sisters American Trio of singing sisters consisting of Dagmar Brock, born Josephine and later called Bobbe (1900 – May 2, 1999), Kathleen, later known as Patricia (June 14, 1903 – 1988), and Eunice, later called Lorayne (d. 1993). [152][153][154]
Buck and Bubbles American Dance duo with Ford Lee "Buck" Washington (October 16, 1903 – January 31, 1955) and John W. "Bubbles" Sublett (February 19, 1902 – May 18, 1986). [155]
John Bunny September 21, 1863 April 26, 1915 American Actor, comedians, and minstrel. Later a film star. [156]
Neil Burgess 1846 1910 American Female impersonator, mostly playing elderly widows. [157]
Smiley Burnette March 18, 1911 February 16, 1967 American Singer. Later worked with Gene Autry and performed onscreen in Westerns. [158]
Burns and Allen American Comic duo consisting of George Burns (January 20, 1896 – March 9, 1996) and his wife, Gracie Allen (July 26, 1895 – August 27, 1964). Their radio and television shows proved their enduring popularity, thanks in part to Gracie's scatterbrained publicity stunts. [70][159]
Pesach Burstein 1896 1986 Polish-American Actor, comedian and singer mostly in Yiddish vaudeville with his family. Burstein, his kids and his wife, Lillian Lux are profiled in the 2002 documentary, The Komediant. [160]
Mae Busch June 18, 1891 April 19, 1946 Australian Actress and comedian who found success in American vaudeville and later appeared in a number of Laurel and Hardy films. [161]
Francis X. Bushman January 10, 1883 August 23, 1966 American Actor who toured with his wife, actress Beverly Bayne. Following his initial silent film career in Hollywood, where he had become a matinee idol, Bushman and Bayne appeared at the Palace in the comedy sketch, Poor Rich Man in 1921 and toured various circuits throughout the 1920s. Bushman returned to Hollywood and continued work in film. [87][88]
Butterbeans and Susie American Comic duo composed of Jodie Edwards (1895–1967) and his wife, Susie Hawthorne (1896–1963). Their act was composed of duets and comedy routines about marital troubles. The duo was active on the TOBA circuit. [162]

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