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Joe immediately ducked down the hall into the bathroom right as Jessicas father came out of her room and headed down the stairs, followed by Jessica a few moments later. Jessica exited the room, pulling her panties out of the crack of her two reddened.

Slap, Slap, Slap!, and she had started to pant and groan.  Slap, Slap! and she had begun to sweat, the perspiration running over her ass and soaked into her white, cotton panties. Jessicas panties had bunched up between her tan, teenage cheeks almost like a.

The imaginary Jessica was slowly rubbing the soap onto her slick, shiny tits and softly pinching the hard nipples with a sly grin on her face.  Then the imaginary girls hand slowly slipped down h.

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Joe had watched his niece Jessica grow up from a beautiful baby-girl to a beautiful, teenage young woman.  With brown skin, dark eyes, and dark hair, she had slowly become a bronzed goddess.  As he watched his niece grow he saw her begin to blossom.

And finally came the day that Uncle Joe finally slipped inside of his niece Jessica. Jessica had been a bad little girl.  At school she had been caught making out with a boy in the janitors closet and had been sent home early.  Her parents.

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He watched in absolute lust as his hot, teenage niece lay nearly naked from the waist down over her fathers lap. Jessica gripped the carpet as her father continued spanking her exposed ass-cheeks, sweat dripping from her teenage body and moaning and unaware that it.

Joe turned Jessica slowly around to hug her and placed her groin on his thigh and her tits against his upper abdomen. Why dont you get cleaned up princess and Ill make us some drinks and well watch a movie. Jessicas tear streaked face stared.


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